This Ain’t Coachella, This HOECHELLA – Lonny Love 

Let me bless you yet again my good friends, and fellow music heads. Two words, Lonny Love…remember the name, he’s going to be a star! I’ve covered a few NY artists this year, and the sounds coming out of the East Coast right now, more specifically NY is crazy. I’m hearing so many NY artists […]

$lyce Continues to Strike Iron While it’s Hot with new song “Strap”, Alongside Music Video

Strap is the seventh song that upcoming artist $lyce has released this year alone. Coming off of the success of recent tracks COOCHiE DAD and GT COUPE, it was only proper that $lyce released an official music with alongside his latest single. The most recent track takes a different approach at the heartbreaker vibe that […]

Hyper-Pop’s Favorite Boyband illusion hills Drops New Single – chasm

Hyper-pop is a genre that has taken the underground scene by storm in the past 2 years. I’m personally all for it, and it seems the internet heads of the underground are too. With the rise of hyper-pop we’ve witnessed a lot of artists emerge out of nowhere, and some artists even completely change their […]

Trestil Isn’t Indecisive – drops new single “makeurmind”

I found Trestil on SoundCloud 3 weeks back, and let me tell you he is incredibly underrated! I came across his tracks “makeurmind” and “location,” I was honestly hooked after hearing these two joints. Trestil is based out of Denver, CO and is steadily getting his name and music out to the underground scene. I […]

E The Profit Is Taking Over The World – Interview

This past week I got the privilege to sit down with E The Profit and his team. And yes, for all those asking E is as cool in person as he is online. In all seriousness E is an artist with star power, and he has built an incredible team to support him. These guys […]

Sunday Service Announcement Pardyalone Just Dropped His Newest Single – “not a home” 

Today I introduce you to a young artist coming from Big Lake, Minnesota who’s potential is through the roof. Pardyalone is a 22-year old recording artist who has recently struck viral success on TikTok with his newest single “not a home”. I would describe Pardyalone sound as being a mix of energy, emotion, and authenticity. […]

Let Jesus Take The Wheel And Stream Worry Club’s New EP – ur not real 

A name I’ve seen a lot while scrolling socials is Worry Club, and I’m sorry to say it’s taken me this long to do my due diligence on the group. My research has yielded these findings lads, Worry Club…a Midwest based group from Chicago, that is really making music for the soul especially, with their […]

Gao the Arsonist releases BEAUTIFUL with Overpade, and it’s just that

THIS IS THE ARSONIST! If you don’t know Gao the Arsonist: THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! THIS IS THE ALARM THAT GOES OFF TO WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNING! Over the past year, the UK artist Gao the Arsonist has developed a truly cult-like fanbase. You may recall a couple months ago when […]

Tony Shhnow and ZeLooperz Made a Song Together… Wow.

If there was ever a collaboration that I didn’t know that I needed, it is Tony Shhnow and ZeLooperz. Last Chance was released last week by the Atlanta artist, Tony Shhnow. Shhnow has been a heavy part of the ‘Pluggnb’ genre gaining recognition- a fusion of trap sounds with RnB influence. The RnB influence shines […]

Szaba & Pangeaux Link Up To Give Us-“Louisville Slugger” 

Summer is just around the corner and I think this new joint from Szaba & Pangeaux is the perfect way to start it off! Their new single “Louisville Slugger” has been on repeat since it dropped. From start to finish this whole song is a hit, it actually gives me old SoundCloud 2018 era vibes, […]


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