Paris Price Returns to 2021 with Video for “Killing me Slowly”

Paris Price kicks off his 2021 with an absolute banger with his new song “Killing me Slowly” with an accompanying video. Paris Price has outdone himself with his Tyler like vocals being both smooth while having a fast hitting flow. This paired with beautifully reverbed guitar and echoing drums. Price also featured Chris Patrick and […]

Savaiah Takes us on a Chill Ride With New Track “Complicated”

I’m no stranger anger to the “Chill Hip Hop Lofi Beats to Study to” playlist, and in fact it’s probably the only thing that gets me through long study sessions. Savaiah’s new track “Complicated” is now being added to that rotation of study songs. With her soothing vocals and drowned out backing drums I can […]

$lyce Creates Music for the Post-Quarantine World – “Endless Denim”

Have you ever been to Delaware? All I know about the state is that their University mascot is the “Fightin’ Blue Hens.” Well, there is a sonically talented voice emerging from the state too. He goes by the name of “$lyce” and in early 2021 he has been on a tear. His latest offering titled […]

Cobejordan Drops His Debut Album “Growing Pains”

As the title implies Cobejoran has just dropped his debut album “Growing pains“, a nine track album that focuses on 2 major sounds. The sounds are chill and hype which if you ask me are the two best sounds to have on an album making it almost universally appreciated. Cobejordan does what he’s known for […]

Kenny Greene Drops a Fire Conceptual Video For “I Smoke Too Much”

Kenny Greene released his visual for “I Smoke Too Much“, an interesting concept taking inspiration from the the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood”. The song itself is a great listen, a solid and energetic flow and a perfectly droughted out 808s always makes for a banger. The video itself works itself in two seperate […]

Garry Caprani’s Grind to The Top

Born in London & raised in Spain since the age of 5, Garry’s early musical influences varied culturally. Musically inspired by Michael Jackson from a young age, Garry’s sound progressed into a more dark R&B genre after discovering music by the weeknd and Drake. This combined with his love of acoustic artists such as Ed […]

Nobel, From Refugee to Rap

Born in Kurdistan, during the Iran-Iraq war. Nobel’s family and he were refugees in Iran, fleeing the country. Nobel moved to the states at 3 years old and grew up in Northern Virginia. His early influence came from Tupac and bone thugs n harmony. Nobel started from writing poetry at a young age, which then […]

A Review of MookTBG

The quiet but flossed up South Carolina rapper Mook TBG, shot up to stardom after he released his full hip hop career in 2016. Following a series of mixtapes after his most popular release Red Roses, his popularity then skyrocketed in 2017, the year he released To The Dome, off the May 18th mixtape (which included […]

SauceOnly, Promoting the Future of Music Today

If you haven’t heard of SauceOnly you must’ve heard their featured artists and there’s many of them. With over 12 million views with videos having hundreds of thousands of plays it impossible to say you haven’t seen a video. Going from 25k to near 100k subscribers in one year is no small feat but you […]

Dustin Hills, Making Dreams a Reality Through Versatility

Dustin Hill is a 20 year old Hip Hop and R&B artist as well as producer from West Palm Beach Florida. His passion for music started early with his dad initially introducing him to music at 6 years old. His Music career started short after that having his first song written and recorded at 11 […]


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