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Mariway: The Interview 

This week while scrolling through Instagram I came across this crazy unique snippet that just blessed my ears. So, after some detective work I located the source of said snippet banger. That source was the young artist named Mariway. I think this kid has crazy potential in this online music space…so I had to tap in with Mari for an interview. 

DS: Where are you from, and how old are you? 

MW: I’m from Norfolk,Virginia. But I currently live in South Carolina, and I’m 16.

DS: What made you want to record music? 

MW: As a kid I always wanted to be seen on stages and share music with the world.

DS: How does it feel to have your audio for your upcoming release go crazy on tiktok?

MW: It feels so nice to have love from people I’ve never met before. I wanna talk to each and every follower I got.

DS: What do you use to record?

 MW: I use band-lab.

DS: How would you describe your sound? 

MW: I would describe my sound to be different, weird in a good way and very beautiful.

DS: Where does the name Mariway come from

MW: My cousin and I wanted to take things serious. We looked a rap name generator, I put my nickname in it and just added way. 

DS: Anything else you want listeners/fans to know about you/any upcoming thing we should be looking out for?

MW: I want everyone to know that you can literally do anything, no matter what you’re going through. Just try, and I have a song dropping Friday!!!!

Be sure to tap in with Mariway this Friday, for the release of his song “Walk Wit Me”. I’ll link the pre-save link below. This kid is gonna be a massive name in the underground scene, mark my words!

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