E The Profit Is Taking Over The World – Interview

This past week I got the privilege to sit down with E The Profit and his team. And yes, for all those asking E is as cool in person as he is online. In all seriousness E is an artist with star power, and he has built an incredible team to support him. These guys […]


Recently you switched your sound up from an alternative sound to plugg could you explain what it was like making a transition like this as an artist?  Vit6l: Really there wasn’t really a big transition. I started with alternative. It’s easy to me to make tracks like that and I still do from time to […]

The Wait Is Over – Tone October Drops New Single “i would’ve known”

Making his debut to the Grooverelly page is an artist I’m super excited about. Let me introduce you to the Los Angeles based artist, tone october. Recently dropping his newest single “i would’ve known”, this is only tone’s second official release. I found Mr. october back in 2020 when he dropped his first single “why […]

Shiki XO Turns Heads with its New Self-Produced Single

Shiki XO’s first song of the year, titled “Too Fucked up to Talk” is a deep and introspective look at something not many people talk about, especially in music. The main organ gives the song that baroque and intense presence that is normally associated with Mahler or Beethoven and then devolves into layers of dark […]

Manager Of The Month: The Jackson Losee Interview

Jackson Losee is a young manager making waves in the music industry, and the first interviewee for our latest ‘Manager Of The Month‘ series. He’s been most well-known for his work with TokyosRevenge, along with other noteworthy acts.It’s no coincidence that he’s found success – we wanted to dig a little deeper and uncover more […]

VITO Starting Off 2022 Right – Drops Single “Unlikely Story”

New York’s Pop-Punk/Emo artist VITO, is starting 2022 off with a an acoustic punk ballade titled “Unlikely Story” which is immaculately produced by Bennykayy.  Last year we got to hear his first studio album “Death of My Teenage” which encompased his artistic journey from angsty teen to an artist who has really found his sound. […]

The GONER Interview

I had the chance to chop it up with one of my favorite up and coming artists, GONER, who hails from Florida, who has an incredible story and resumè building up to his music career. Erik Young: Who is goner for those who know don’t know who you are? When people hear goner, what do […]

The demxntia Interview: Speaks on “VOID” + Youth + More

I had an opportunity to chop it up with one of the most exciting artists that I know personally based in Florida, demxntia. We had a chance to speak about his background leading up to this moment where he just recently released his album 15 track album titled Void. Erik Young: Who is demxntia for […]

Meet Deijuvhs: the underground London artist with a unique sound

Deijuvhs is a London-based artist with a sound that blends grunge and metal music with popular British music, such as drill or drum and bass. He can manipulate his voice to align with different genres—going from melodic singing, to punk-like shouting, to drill-influenced, dark flows and so on. Deijuvhs’ first project on Spotify dropped in […]


I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite up-and-coming artists from the Dallas area, IMSICKOFJUN. To see the growth of JUN as not only an artist, but a person as well is amazing. It’s no doubt he’s next up in the scene. Erik Young: Who is Imsickofjun for those who aren’t familiar with […]


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