“Rose Gold!” Single – Q&A with Max Wells

Sometimes choosing the right single(s) to tease a project can be a very difficult task… It has to let the audience get a glimpse into the future sounds of your production. Some might say you must be sprung about the song you choose. Needless to say, “Max Wells” felt activated to abduct your ears with […]

Behind The Hunger Album Q&A With iivrson

This Atlanta artist iivrson blessed us with an album! After the singles he has released since 2019, it has been wanted from the fans since his first drop. Having this perfect set of 9 songs, including his popular single Pressure. Having his first album being feature-free, keeping the project about him and have it as […]

Chloe Jobin Interview

Dallas-based artist Chloe Jobin has been on my radar for quite some time now. I can tell you right now that her time is coming sooner than later as her most recently released project “We Could’ve Never Met.” has been getting very great reception and publicity. Erik: Where are you from? Chloe: I grew up […]

“Nocturnal” Album – Q&A with Prada-G

An album… what is it? The dictionary points out it is a collection of recordings and online sources say six or more songs… But I would argue, an album transports you – to a world unknown – into the mind of the artist. “Prada-G” delivers a highly elevated production and thought-provoking album with “Nocturnal.” Garnering […]

“Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

It is becoming crystal clear that “Phobia the Greatest” is a rising star with the most ideal supporting cast surrounding her. If you haven’t heard Phobia’s EP titled: “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later,” then you need to tune in ASAP. Containing four tracks, at 10 min 36 sec, it’s the perfect sample size […]

The Elko Interview

Elko is an artist that has been on my radar for quite some time. With records like “Drunk And Out Of Town” and “Nothing to Work Out” Elko has separated himself from artists in a crowded space. Eric: Name, what you do, where your from? Elko: “My names Elko I produce, write and record music […]

LoseMyGrip Interview

For those who aren’t familiar with you, who are you and what do you do?  I’m an independent artist who’s been making music for nearly a decade under various pseudonyms. LoseMyGrip is something that started as a side project, but it quickly consumed me.  Where are you from?  I’m from New Jersey/New York.  Have you […]

Chatting with Seattle’s Freshest Face: Payday

Without question, Seattle’s own Payday is ready and willing to join the cast of talent that the city contains, and it is very easy to see why.

The Ericdoa Interview (featuring Glasear)

We sat down with Ericdoa and Glasear of the Neilaworld collective to find out more about the process of creating the “Public Target” Project. “Ericdoa” is an 18 year old artist, singer & producer from New England, Connecticut. He specializes in just about every genre making a name as one of the more versatile artists […]

34Corine – TiaCorine / Music Review

South Coast Music Group artist drops a 8 song statement I don’t even feel right calling this a project a statement seems way more fitting to me. From the cover art to the song “Forever” I automatically can see where her influences stem from , fast pace auto-tune like rap with a melody driven undertones. […]


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