“Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

It is becoming crystal clear that “Phobia the Greatest” is a rising star with the most ideal supporting cast surrounding her. If you haven’t heard Phobia’s EP titled: “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later,” then you need to tune in ASAP. Containing four tracks, at 10 min 36 sec, it’s the perfect sample size … Continue reading “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

The Elko Interview

Elko is an artist that has been on my radar for quite some time. With records like “Drunk And Out Of Town” and “Nothing to Work Out” Elko has separated himself from artists in a crowded space. Eric: Name, what you do, where your from? Elko: “My names Elko I produce, write and record music … Continue reading The Elko Interview

LoseMyGrip Interview

For those who aren’t familiar with you, who are you and what do you do?  I’m an independent artist who’s been making music for nearly a decade under various pseudonyms. LoseMyGrip is something that started as a side project, but it quickly consumed me.  Where are you from?  I’m from New Jersey/New York.  Have you … Continue reading LoseMyGrip Interview

Kill Jasper Interview

Kill Jasper born and raised from Los Angeles California , has been writing music since the young age of 6 years old and dropped out of high school around 10th grade to completely pursue his passion.Plan B or the easy way out has never ever crossed his mind . The music is he’s ever wanted … Continue reading Kill Jasper Interview

The Trill Laimbeer Interview

Trill Laimbeer is one of the most exciting designers on the rise right now. While he does creating clothing made for larger releases and drops for the public, he is actively focusing his attention on dressing rappers and musicians in 1 of 1 outfits on stage. Working with people like BBY GOYARD, Belis, ppgcasper, Steven … Continue reading The Trill Laimbeer Interview


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