Assume To See More BigBabyGucci

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina Bigbabygucci is an underground artist that I’ve been following now since late 2018. His music, style, and personality are infectious. Back in 2019 Bigbabygucci had a break-out moment earning his first taste of mainstream success when dropping his project “Send Help.” This album was filled with bangers like “Drop Top Lexus”, “This is not a rap song”, and “Save Me”. … Continue reading Assume To See More BigBabyGucci

The Midwxst Is About To Takeover!

The young and talented artist midwxst is just getting started! I remember back in January stumbling across his SoundCloud page and it’s safe to say I was instantly a stan. With his catchy world play, melodies, and overall production quality it’s just a matter of time before we see the midwxst takeover! Out of his catalog so far, I have to say “Trying” produced by … Continue reading The Midwxst Is About To Takeover!