Chloe Jobin – “Don’t Say”(Single)

An artist who definitely needs a little bit more spotlight is Dallas based artist Chloe Jobin. The 21 year old artist just recently released a project titled “We Could’ve Never Met,” which includes six tracks which in total, are all produced by herself. Today I want to highlight one specific song though, which really hit home for myself, as I could imagine how it would … Continue reading Chloe Jobin – “Don’t Say”(Single)

Autumn! aka Twinuzis “Exactly” EP – Is it worth the listen?

Autumn!/Twinuzis is currently taking the “Pluggnb” scene by storm. Originating from Crowley, Louisiana the 23 year old artist was a producer in the beginning. but with curiosity of how he himself would sound on his own beats would change his life completely. When I first heard of Autumn! as any person browsing Soundcloud I stumbled across a song called “No Difference” The beat caught me … Continue reading Autumn! aka Twinuzis “Exactly” EP – Is it worth the listen?

Skaiwater – “Happy Hour” (Project)

Does he ever let off the brakes? Skaiwater is back on Grooverelly with his most recently released mixtape titled ‘Happy Hour.’ The 11-track project shows how unique Skaiwater is and how versatile he is. This is the London-based artist’s first full-length project in which he has spent the last year and a half working on. The mixtape only has one feature which is YSL member … Continue reading Skaiwater – “Happy Hour” (Project)

The Tom The Mail Man Interview

When I first found Tom The Mail Man, the first thing that caught my attention before listening was his name, that stuck with me; most artists names are not as creative as this. I discovered Tom while watching a No Jumper live stream, he had sent his video “Lil Tommy” into the stream. The viewers loved it and I searched him on YouTube, I was … Continue reading The Tom The Mail Man Interview

“Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

It is becoming crystal clear that “Phobia the Greatest” is a rising star with the most ideal supporting cast surrounding her. If you haven’t heard Phobia’s EP titled: “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later,” then you need to tune in ASAP. Containing four tracks, at 10 min 36 sec, it’s the perfect sample size for this underground female sensation’s sound. I am willing to … Continue reading “Hate Me Now & Love Me Later” EP – Q&A with Phobia the Greatest

LiL Lotus & his Top 5 Songs (so far)

“LiL Lotus” could be using a time machine to re-manifest all the nostalgic Scene and Emo vibes from the early to mid 2000’s. It appears that with every release he is further adding to an impressive catalog of versatile and heart-wrenching emotional ballads. With the ability to scream alongside up-tempo guitar and drums or slow things down with synthesized piano keys, Lotus can literally do … Continue reading LiL Lotus & his Top 5 Songs (so far)

ssgkobe – “KO” (Project)

Whether it be finding out about ssgkobe through Lyrical Lemonade or from him being featured on Kaash Paige’s album, I can guarantee that you’ve heard his name one way or another.  Ssgkobe just released a seven track project just a little over a month from releasing the well known single “Calabasas”, which features $NOT and was featured on Lyrical Lemonade.  Track one, which is titled … Continue reading ssgkobe – “KO” (Project)

Who Is This Rising Artist Lakeyah?

This Milwaukee rapper Lakeyah has been working with Quality Control Music, a dream she’s had for a while. After achieving her first goal, she wants to continue her career in music. Having a crazy year in 2020, with a tremendous amount of growth over her 2 albums she gave to her supporters including features like 42 Dugg, City Girls, and having her first album The Keymix II featureless showing her true story … Continue reading Who Is This Rising Artist Lakeyah?

Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz have completed Music Video Greatness with ”Seattle”

Typically, when words are repeated it is because someone didn’t hear you correctly… In this case, it is because there is a one-of-a-kind artist you need to check out with videos to match every song. “Shordie Shordie,” a rising rap star raised in Baltimore, found none other than the notorious Murda Beatz to leave a lasting impression on the percolating east coast music scene. With … Continue reading Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz have completed Music Video Greatness with ”Seattle”

Phem Extends “how u stop hating urself” With Two New Singles!

The last time we discussed Phem was when “how u stop hating urself” first dropped and back in the previous article. It was mentioned that in tweets she has favorite artists like brakence and I think with the 2 new songs off her deluxe of how u stop hating urself she shows off in her song American beauty with the selection of her 808’s give off a brakence … Continue reading Phem Extends “how u stop hating urself” With Two New Singles!