Kendrick Dropped for the First Time in Five Years- stop comparing it and just enjoy the art!

As I’m sure you have all heard by now, Kendrick Lamar released his first solo album in five years this past Friday in “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers“. The project marks Kendrick’s sixth studio album, as well as his last album with his label Top Dawg Entertainment. There was very little promotion heading into […]

Let Jesus Take The Wheel And Stream Worry Club’s New EP – ur not real 

A name I’ve seen a lot while scrolling socials is Worry Club, and I’m sorry to say it’s taken me this long to do my due diligence on the group. My research has yielded these findings lads, Worry Club…a Midwest based group from Chicago, that is really making music for the soul especially, with their […]

Stream Dave Amigo’s New Album “ALL STAR”

Dave Amigo has the entire underground music scene talking about his latest project “ALL STAR”. Bringing his extravagant flow and energy with each track, Dave is one of the hottest prospects coming out of Pennsylvania at the moment. His project “ALL STAR” is one of the most creative and original projects I’ve heard in a […]

Drew Famous – HEAD HELD HIGH (Album Review)

The Roanoke, VA rapper’s extended version of his latest album helps to complete a story. On Head Held High, some of the smoke is cleared to amplify assuredness. “Virginia is nothing if not innovation, and this is innovative.” A statement that rings as true as ever on both points. The Commonwealth has given birth to […]

Michigan rapper Yung Sol finally dropped “solly’s world”

I think we might have a contender for album of the year here with Yung Sol’s “solly’s world”. The project is consistent from the first track to the last one, with each track flowing perfectly to the next. Yung Sol is an upcoming artist from Michigan who has been putting in work for years. I […]

Robb Banks Finally Gifts Us With ‘Falconia’

The cover art tells the story. The 27-year old has cultivated one of the most loyal fan bases ever, and he’s shown facing the millions of comments surrounding Falconia’s release. “When tf is Robb Banks gonna drop falconia too. I feel like I’ve been hearing about that tape for too long.” “I had Robb Banks […]

Jaydes Proves He’s Different with “Romanticism”

The young artist Jaydes proves that he’s different with this 4 track project “Romanticism”. I’m gonna be honest when I opened up Jaydes SoundCloud page I was just expecting another hyperpop artist that is a replica of everyone else but I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the beats to the delivery to even the […]

redveil Drops Highly Anticipated Album, learn 2 swim

The album is entirely self-produced by redveil, yet another reason to appreciate the artistry that the PG County native creates. Filled with glistening soul samples and smooth drums, redveil created a very atmospheric feel that does more than just sound good. The album makes you feel like you are outside; whether that be sitting by […]

Celebrate 4/20 With This Underground “RecPac”, an EP by tendø

Serving as a 7-track EP, tendø delivered what sounds like the first ‘fun’ project that he has put out under his current artist name. tendø has an artist for over 10 years under several aliases, which is a huge factor in the multitude of sounds that you hear incorporated throughout his discography. With this project, […]

Blvck Svm & Sebastian Kamae Drop – fiftypercentgratuity

I gotta say, I’m new to Blvck Svm’s music. But this new project he just dropped, titled fiftyperecntgratuity, is the perfect introduction to the talented artist. Svm is a young up-and-coming artist originally from Florida, but currently resides in Chicago. Honestly, while preparing this write up I creeped on Svm’s Spotify page…and his story is […]


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