Buppy Keeps Fighting The Good Fight – New Single “Fight The Temptation”

I wish I could have had this article out sooner, but life’s been kinda crazy lately. Anyways, let me introduce you to a young talent coming out of Utah, Buppy! Buppy is a 17-year-old artist who is beautifully genre blending Anti-pop and Alternative R&B. Not only is Buppy dropping hits, but the teenaged singer is […]

Catch A Vibe With Masonn Deforest New EP “This Feels Right”!

This feel-good 8 song EP has been on repeat recently. The 21-year-old Oregon artist has been doing this for 4 years now, as he has fallen in love with anything artistic putting his heart and soul into it. As some people use this as a method of showing new emotion to the world. Listening to […]

Who is Yung Beathoven?

Yung Beathoven is an anonymous, virtual artist and producer from Cape Town, South Africa. I started following them after they released their indie inspired Hyperpop single ‘OBVIOUS’ featuring acclaimed Hyperpop artist and vocalist ‘Funeral’. One thing that initially peaked my interest was Yung Beathoven ‘s very interesting approach to their image. They are anonymous and […]


Today, the pop auteurs in Majid Jordan (Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman) announce Wildest Dreams, their first album in nearly four years. Laced with romantic, new wave-inflected tracks, the anticipated project is an emphatic reminder of why the dreamy duo became recognized as cutting-edge musical tastemakers and is set for release on October 22nd via OVO Sound. They also announced […]

Chow Lee Drops New Album – Sue Me

Another day, another artist gets discovered….today I bring you Chow Lee. Representing New York City, Chow Lee is putting his own spin & twist on drill music. The upcoming artist recently released his 17-track project entitled Sue Me, which features samples from Mariah Carey, Fountains of Wayne, and more. Totally not what you would expect to […]

Barburrian & Zubin Connect for “Long Flights”

If you aren’t familiar with Barburrian then it’s your time to get hip now. Coming out of Jacksonville Florida he’s pushing the barriers with his sound and breaking the Florida stereotype. Yes he does have golds in his mouth but he does not sound like anyone that’s ever come out of Florida. Using his talented […]

EastBayTae Drops Single “Slayer Academy” 

Ohio native EastBayTae drops his latest single “Slayer Academy” and it’s a hit. With co-signs from K Suave, Summrs, and Zelly Ocho he has proven that he has a sound that sticks. For this one he had Eliyf, Gren808, and Dynox produce this underground style beat that lets EastBayTae show us what he has. Going […]

Garr Gives It His All With Wasted (Music Video)

We are given years of emotion that Garr has been through and you can tell a lot of the life experiences he has recently had went into this song. You know that moment after tragic life events or some current events going on in your life where you have a rush of energy to improve […]

Mo Bangaz Eye Catching Video for “On My Opps”

Rhode Island’s own Mo Bangaz drops this eye-catching music video for “On My Opps”. Dropping his debut EP “Days B4 Joker: Red Hood”, this comes from there. Having three other tracks and an intro on that project, this has to be the standout track for me. With the production from Lelo it immediately catches you […]

Yung Bans Returns to the Mic with “Blow Her Back” featuring Kashdami

Yung Bans, whose real name is Vas Coleman, has recently been taking a hiatus from releasing songs since the music video for his song “Freak Show” dropped back in 2020. With his official Twitter account being suspended and his last Instagram photo being uploaded a long while ago, his fan-base was hunting for new songs […]


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