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Who is the Artist Cid Cyan?

South Korean native Cid Cyan is ready to take on 2022 with full force. If you aren’t familiar with her then it’s time to learn. With her most recent EP “Vertigo” performing levels above her previous work, she has found her sound and is mastering it. Having a whole catalog of unreleased music, once January […]

Stop Sleeping On Sandman – Drops Single “Withdrawals”

A good song is always just around the corner, as I like to say! As always, I’m here to provide that hit song fix. This artist is new to the page, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Sandman is a 21-year-old artist, based in Vancouver British Columbia (VBC), eh! I […]

E The Profit Still Has Bluegrass In His Blunt – New Video For “Bluegrass” Acoustic

Back again, making his return to the Grooverelly site…I give you E The Profit! Let’s start off by saying a lot has happened since I last covered E. The Kentucky artist may still have Bluegrass in his blunt, but he also has a blue check next to his name on Instagram now! I believe this […]

Check Out Rico Nasty & Flo Milli’s New Dinero Centered Duet

Rico Nasty tags Alabama native Flo Milli for their cheeky new single “Money”. The song is produced by BOYS NOIZE and contains a sample of 2 Live Crew’s controversial 1986 classic “We Want Some P****”. In the critically acclaimed Roxana Baldovin-notable for her work with Saweetie, Wiz Khalifa, and more-directed visual, the two more than […]

Kiree 3600 Feels Like He’s The “Last Hope”

It can’t be said enough, but the untapped talent in Virginia is intoxicating once immersed within it all. One emerging Suffolk-born artist that I’ve covered before-who goes by the name of Kiree 3600-has unleashed two flaming new songs. These tracks make up a two-pack called Halloween Treat released on October 31st. The music video for […]

Kwad Links With Elevator For “BAGS FR” Video Premiere

Virginia’s Soundboy Kwad just dropped off a heater on Elevator’s YouTube called “BAGS FR.” Just as it says in the song, Kwad’s got bags – and it seems he knows exactly how to use it. Ever since he turned down a deal from Pusha T, he has been on a consistently upward trajectory.  This drop […]

Yungtyeee’s “Broke Boi” Video Is A Hit

With an unforgettable sound, Yungtyeee is emerging from the underground with grace. His latest video, “Broke Boi,” is one to remember. Directed by fonso512, this rage-styled banger is a minute and a half of raw talent. Whether you want to focus on the music or the video, it all boasts the same level of quality. […]

Sexton Shows Off Even More Content For “Paris Hilton”

Australian up-and-comer Sexton has made a name for herself with her vivacious branding, great music, and seemingly never-ending supply of content.  Today, Sexton makes her way onto our pages for her lyric video for “Paris Hilton,” her first single in what’s rumored to be a rollout jam-packed with quality. Not only can Sexton sing, but […]

BIGBABYGUCCI and Hivemind Create Grammy Worthy Music Video for “Losing Yourself”

Grooverelly fan favorites BIGBABYGUCCI and Hivemind united for one of the craziest music videos I’ve seen in recent time. The BIGBABYGUCCI track Losing Yourself was already a masterpiece in itself but Detroit based videographer group Hivemind took it to the next level and complimented it perfectly. Where do I even begin? The best songs are […]

Skodi The New Fresh Squeeze Out Of Florida – Drops New EP

It’s no secret Florida does more than just pump out oranges! Maybe it’s something in the water, but the southern state is home to countless young artists trying to make a name for themselves. Today, I want to showcase the young talent going by the name of Skodi! Skodi, although being a Florida native, her […]


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