Watch as a captivating young star stamps himself within the current era of his career.

Kiree 3600 on location in Suffolk, VA for the “Lil Wayne” video-shoot.

Unwavering and unshakable faith, focus, and consistency are keys to achieving anything you want to accomplish in this life. These are qualities that Virginian artist Kiree 3600 has displayed throughout his time as an emerging emcee. From the moment he began making music, Kiree has been set on outdoing himself every time he steps up to the microphone.

Earlier this year-coming off the heels of his 2022 Munna World EP– he released “Jay-Z Diddy Baby”, followed by two more EP’s (Munna World 2 and Munna World 2 Reloaded). The Suffolk-bred artist then followed those up this summer with the World War Three EP, featuring five new tracks. Along with these new projects came a slew of attention-grabbing visuals; the latest being “FREE RIO” off of WW3. What is apparent across the most recent records-like “Who Tf?” and “C Notes”-is a noticeably more stylistic approach to his delivery, and the production is more sharp and pristine, courtesy of the chemistry built between Kiree 3600 and producers 100 Mph and FOURTH WALL; both were involved in the sonics on World War Three.

On August 30th, Kiree 3600 released a real statement single, titled “Lil Wayne.” The uptempo beat is 100 Mph-assembled, and the black-and-white performance-style video was filmed and edited by Huey Melendez and William ‘Cortez’ Artis. With this new record, I feel like Three-Six is taking an intentional step in order to separate himself from other artists from the same state and in the same class. With his lyrics, he pays homage to the friends he’s lost in the past year when he says “Long live Stunna and Luh Flip”, as well as giving encouragement to those still here and on a mission at their own pace.

Take a quick listen to his newest EP’s, and watch the video for “Lil Wayne” below.

“Lil Wayne” by Kiree 3600 (2023)

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