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Dark-net superstar’s “LSD IN ASPEN” is the Definition of Unique

Dark-net superstar is an artist with a crazy aesthetic. He seems to be heavily rock-influenced, but if you consider that when you watch the music video for his song “LSD IN ASPEN,” you might wonder where that influence went. You may notice that the rock influence was replaced with a hyperpop or Y2K influence. Either way, […]

Sig.Carlito Turns Heads With New Album “Pyskos”

Sig.Carlito has been on my radar for quite a while now with exhilarating singles such as “Lego,” “Double Dare,” and many others and it’s had me wondering when he would drop a project. That curiosity has now ended since he has recently dropped a 17-track tape titled pyskos, consisting of different sounds and styles to […]

Kbackwoods$ Drops Emotional Single “17 Forever” Along With Music Video

Grooverelly fan favorite Kbackwoods$ just dropped off his latest single titled “17 Forever,‘ which can get any listener into their feels. Kbackwood$ touches base with his roots as he reminisces about his current success, bringing up his heartfelt mother and leaving to Los Angeles all at the age of 17. The single is in collaboration […]

$lyce Shows What he Brings to the Table with “WETTiE (DELUXE)”

$lyce recently released the deluxe version of his album “WETTiE.” In this album, he shows listeners what he offers, a blend of similar but differing sounds in the most extraordinary way possible. He combines the mainstream sound of Internet-Money-Esque beats with the unusual yet unique sound of Hyperpop vocals. At first glance, listeners may be skeptical […]

Do What Tophillfreddo did on his First Album, “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY”

Tophillfreddo recently released his first album, “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY,” and it’s everything an underground should be. Nowadays, the underground sound is getting oversaturated with Yeat, Summrs, Autumn, KanKan, Playboi Carti, etc. clones. In this album, you can hear the influence that tophillfreddo may have pulled from those artists, but he makes sure to add […]

Rileylol drops new single – “bad intentions” 

I miss the old SoundCloud era. When music was fun, playful, and laced with infectious melodies. Simpler tunes, and simpler times…those were the days lads. We can still be saved though, I think Rileylol is just the cat to merge the gap, and bring these old SoundCloud era vibes back to the forefront. His newest […]

SEBii turns the world upside down by saying “She My Slime, Slatt Slatt” in DONOrr music video

SEBii is one of the more fun artists that you can tap in to. Even in releasing a music video for a song that is just over a year old, SEBii finds a way to reinvent himself and his music. DONOrr was a track that I really enjoyed at the time of it’s release, but […]

Lucas Drops Hot New Single – “zizou” 

Literally my favorite thing in the world is sharing good music, from artists that are just starting out. And the artist I’m covering today, going by the name of Lucas, is exactly that! I’m not exactly sure where Lucas resides, but… I’m assuming it’s someplace that has palm trees, because his new cut “zizou” is […]

SoloSam and MFnMelo Speak the Truth on “Calabasas”

SoloSam and MFnMelo collaborated in their latest song, “Calabasas,” to tell stories of their past in hopes that they will somehow inspire their listeners to follow in their footsteps. The two talks about their past hardships in this particular town, what they have left behind, and what lessons they’ve taken from it. For every second […]

3miles Drops New Project – 3million Man

Originally from Minneapolis, MN up-coming artist 3miles aka 3m, is currently based in Atlanta, GA. I would describe 3m’s sound as electric, melodic, hip-hop. Fresh off dropping a project titled 3million Man, I’d say 3miles is about to take the Atlanta scene by storm. My favorite cuts off his new project currently have to be […]


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