The Ericdoa Interview (featuring Glasear)

We sat down with Ericdoa and Glasear of the Neilaworld collective to find out more about the process of creating the “Public Target” Project. “Ericdoa” is an 18 year old artist, singer & producer from New England, Connecticut. He specializes in just about every genre making a name as one of the more versatile artists in the underground scene. He recently dropped his latest project … Continue reading The Ericdoa Interview (featuring Glasear)

34Corine – TiaCorine / Music Review

South Coast Music Group artist drops a 8 song statement I don’t even feel right calling this a project a statement seems way more fitting to me. From the cover art to the song “Forever” I automatically can see where her influences stem from , fast pace auto-tune like rap with a melody driven undertones. Kaash Paige meets Lil Yachty and they had a baby … Continue reading 34Corine – TiaCorine / Music Review

The Trill Laimbeer Interview

Trill Laimbeer is one of the most exciting designers on the rise right now. While he does creating clothing made for larger releases and drops for the public, he is actively focusing his attention on dressing rappers and musicians in 1 of 1 outfits on stage. Working with people like BBY GOYARD, Belis, ppgcasper, Steven Moses, lil aaron, Kevin Kazi, and many more, you will … Continue reading The Trill Laimbeer Interview