Along with the highly anticipated track, comes a stunning music video. At this point, there’s no denying the star power of yvngxchris. The 17-year-old, hailing from Chesapeake, VA, has a clear vision of how he plans on making the biggest impact in the entertainment industry and has since he was in 7th grade. His fresh […]

Sunday Service Announcement Pardyalone Just Dropped His Newest Single – “not a home” 

Today I introduce you to a young artist coming from Big Lake, Minnesota who’s potential is through the roof. Pardyalone is a 22-year old recording artist who has recently struck viral success on TikTok with his newest single “not a home”. I would describe Pardyalone sound as being a mix of energy, emotion, and authenticity. […]

Gao the Arsonist releases BEAUTIFUL with Overpade, and it’s just that

THIS IS THE ARSONIST! If you don’t know Gao the Arsonist: THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! THIS IS THE ALARM THAT GOES OFF TO WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNING! Over the past year, the UK artist Gao the Arsonist has developed a truly cult-like fanbase. You may recall a couple months ago when […]

Tony Shhnow and ZeLooperz Made a Song Together… Wow.

If there was ever a collaboration that I didn’t know that I needed, it is Tony Shhnow and ZeLooperz. Last Chance was released last week by the Atlanta artist, Tony Shhnow. Shhnow has been a heavy part of the ‘Pluggnb’ genre gaining recognition- a fusion of trap sounds with RnB influence. The RnB influence shines […]

Szaba & Pangeaux Link Up To Give Us-“Louisville Slugger” 

Summer is just around the corner and I think this new joint from Szaba & Pangeaux is the perfect way to start it off! Their new single “Louisville Slugger” has been on repeat since it dropped. From start to finish this whole song is a hit, it actually gives me old SoundCloud 2018 era vibes, […]

Fleego Is Putting On For The Flatbush- Drops Single “2Hot2Chill” 

Let me put you on to the highly underrated artist Fleego! Hailing from New York, Fleego is steadily making a name for himself in the underground. His newest single, “2Hot2Chill” is that rage sound we’ve been hearing from New York scene lately. However, Fleego came correct and delivered us a hit. From start to finish, […]

KittyGoneBaddest Stunts in “Pretty Bitch Anthem”

KittyGoneBaddest stunts in her latest single “Pretty Bitch Anthem”. Starting 2022 off hot, Kitty has continued to drop consistent music that is exactly what her fans want. Perfecting her sound more and more with each drop you have to acknowledge the work that she’s putting in. Having a sound like no one else “Pretty Bitch […]

Yeat Continues to Dominate 2022 in Collaboration With Internet Money

It was only a matter of time until fans received a collaboration between the well known Internet Money Records (IM) and Yeat . Yeat has been rising to superstardom in the past few months, especially coming off of his successful album 2 Alivë , which featured collaborations with commercial stars in Young Thug, Gunna, and […]

BROLY500! Releases New Single “DEJA VU/WAKE UP”

BROLY500! just sounds different. His past three tracks have all sounded very unique from one another, ranging from slow-tempo and sad flows to hard hitting one liners, all the way to screaming over synth-driven production. We were blessed with the latter in BROLY500’s new song DEJA VU/ WAKE UP 500! which also features prominent underground […]

Yung Sol Just Dropped “slime talk” From His Upcoming Project Solly’s World

You better get used to hearing the name Yung Sol, because his new project Solly’s World is about to shake the music industry up when it drops. Yung Sol is an upcoming rapper from Michigan, who has everything that it takes to make it major. From a hard working management team/label to high quality music […]


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