Shane’s Selections, Volume 1: Fuck Tap Water

Welcome to the first edition of Shane’s Selections, this is going to be a bi-weekly editorial of 3-5 songs I have on rotation. These tracks are going to be fresh, funky, and just all around absolute tunes. I’m going to try and cover songs of all flavors and varieties, I’m not afraid of any genre. […]

TiaCorine – “Dipset” [SINGLE + VIDEO]

The Winston-Salem based female MC drops a new standout single with an appealing title. There are only a few artists that are as intriguing as TiaCorine. She has the type of irresistible aura flowing through her music that entrances people upon first listen. Her YouTube comments are filled with statements of how she “never misses” […]

bLuE Medina Shares New Music Video For “ComeBack”

The rapper & singer/songwriter tackles the concept of soul ties in her newest single, and uses the visual to tell a story of the singular stages of heartbreak. bLuE Medina is an energetic, well rounded, and layered artist from Suffolk, Virginia. She writes her own songs (with an incredible capability to so do at such […]

Check Out Mallory Merk’s Liberating New Single – “Thorns”

The burgeoning alt-pop singer/songwriter returns with an uplifting track, rejecting communal traditions and claiming true individuality. “Thorns” is an inspiring statement of nonconformity. Backed by live instrumentation, Mallory Merk‘s lyrics surround the listener with authentic emotions. This track has been described as a ‘modern protest song’, even featuring stacks vocals that sound like a crowd […]

Madelline Releases “Participation Trophies”, With One of the Best Rollouts This Year

In today’s age of music, it is extremely difficult to be an independent artist. To really stand out as an independent artist without any special funding or backing, your art has to really resonate with people. Madelline is finding immense success in her new song, Participation Trophies, amassing over 100k Spotify streams in the first […]

King$oto delivers his “Come Back” in his new single

Caleb Soto professionally known as “King$oto” is a 18 year old artist from Tampa, FL. He started music a little over a year ago with a string of releases. His latest “Come Back” is a pop ballad that’s expresses many forms of emotions that we all go through during a breakup. His track uses bouncy […]

ADG Yellaboi Needs Saving, Drops New Song “Pain”

The Baton Rouge recording artist, Adrian Grant, better known as ADG Yellaboi, has been releasing music for the past year. His music takes listeners on a journey through the ups & downs that he experiences throughout his life. Consistently releasing singles exclusively to Soundcloud for the past year, ADG has built a solid fanbase, resonating […]

BIGBABYGUCCI Releases Blood on the Asphalt

3 days ago, BIGBABYGUCCI released his self-directed, accompanying video for his song, Blood on the Asphalt.

Savage Ga$p Hopes You’re Doing Well With His Latest Single

“I hope ur doing well” is the first single from Fort Knox, Kentucky native Savage Ga$p’s upcoming album. The track showcases the immense artistic strides Ga$p himself has made throughout the past couple of years, placing himself at the vanguard of this scene as a whole.