wow, this song grabs your attention in the first second. This Chicago artist gained a little traction in the underground through his previous single “PDA“. Then this was dropped, I believe this will be a game-changer for him, if not in these next few days then in the next few months. People are going to […]

Lil Tecca Mellows Out on “Money On Me”

Ahead of Lil Tecca’s highly anticipated sequel to his first album titled “We Love You Tecca 2,” he just released the lead single “Money On Me.”  The single has a mellow vibe from the start as he floats on a very cloudy-type beat in a territory where he is familiar with. He mentions the benefits […]

Cxldface – 2seater

Las Vegas artist Cxldface is back with “2seater”, following up his breakout record “Commas & Os“. Aidan (Cxldface) is 19 and has set everything aside to become the next artist in the hyperpop lane. Cxldface is full of emotion and I just want to go sycho listening to the song. Cxldface mixes electric guitars and […]

MMXVII is the name of your new favorite artist… here is why – “Make The Bed” plus Q&A

Man, 2017 was a memorable year in music. Despacito dominated the charts. We got albums from Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z. Sadly, musical great Tom Petty passed away as well. But this year would inspire a creative mind hailing out of Canada, yes… I said Canada. Haliburton, Ontario to be exact. Nolan Nicholson, or […]

Midwxst Doesn’t Lose on “Made It Back”

It’s very few that have been as consistent and as talented as Midwxst. The one-of-a-kind sound that he’s been bringing to the table these last couple of years is blowing a lot of these other artists in the dust as he’s been keeping it realistic in his lyrics. He released a very exciting and fun […]

Skaiwater Does it All on “Way Bak”

It’s been no debate that Skaiwater is one of the hottest names in the music scene right now as he’s constantly putting out heat. Just today, Skaiwater released an insane self-produced single titled “Way Bak *” in which he puts a beautiful twist on the iconic Travis Scott song “Way Back.” The self-produced single shows […]

Rocstaryoshi Brings the Rage on “Function”

Rocstaryoshi just unleashed his inner-vampire on his recently released single titled “Function”  The versatility that Yoshi has been bringing to the table lately has been like no other as every song has had major twists and sounds nothing like the other. It’s not often that an artist improves on every track they release, but that’s […]

IMSICKOFJUN Emphasizes the Come-Up on “X6”

The mysterious persona that IMSICKOFJUN carries never fails to blow my mind. As he steadily works behind the scenes and creates amazing music, he’s still criminally underrated.  Just recently, he released an exciting single titled “X6”, which is produced by Sharkboy. The rage that IMSICKOFJUN brings to this single is like no other as he […]

Ronen Finds His Way on “Lost 2”

22 year old artist Ronen has been on my radar for a long time with his unique and ambitious twist on the emo-rap scene. Back in May of this year, he released a single titled ”Lost 2,” which is a sequel to his highly successful single “Lost,” which was released back in 2019. The Dallas-based […]

Rocstaryoshi & MikeAlmighty Get Together on “Can’t Leave Me”

Rocstaryoshi and MikeAlmighty get together for an energetic yet soul-stirring single titled Can’t Leave Me.  Rocstaryoshi is constantly mixing and blending different genres to keep his sound unique. He always brings his A game, and never disappoints which is why he is one of my favorite artists right now. The chorus is very catchy but […]


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