Chloe Jobin – “Don’t Say”(Single)

An artist who definitely needs a little bit more spotlight is Dallas based artist Chloe Jobin. The 21 year old artist just recently released a project titled “We Could’ve Never Met,” which includes six tracks which in total, are all produced by herself. Today I want to highlight one specific song though, which really hit home for myself, as I could imagine how it would … Continue reading Chloe Jobin – “Don’t Say”(Single)

Skaiwater – “Emani”(Music Video)

Skaiwater just keeps dropping consistent heat. This time around, Skaiwater just dropped the music video for the single “Emani,” which is featured on his latest mixtape titled “Happy Hour.” The way that Skaiwater is able to tell a story not only on his songs, but even the music videos just goes to show his specific selection of videographers/directors which compliment his sound. The video is … Continue reading Skaiwater – “Emani”(Music Video)

Skaiwater – “Happy Hour” (Project)

Does he ever let off the brakes? Skaiwater is back on Grooverelly with his most recently released mixtape titled ‘Happy Hour.’ The 11-track project shows how unique Skaiwater is and how versatile he is. This is the London-based artist’s first full-length project in which he has spent the last year and a half working on. The mixtape only has one feature which is YSL member … Continue reading Skaiwater – “Happy Hour” (Project)

Skaiwater – “Thrift Shop” (Visual/Virtual Concert)

20 year old artist Skaiwater has been making some serious buzz lately in the music scene as he has been dropping banger after banger, on a consistent basis. The UK artist has seen little bursts of stardom since his coming of age in the music industry. With associated acts including Lil Nas X and others, you know that he’s the real deal.  Skaiwater just released … Continue reading Skaiwater – “Thrift Shop” (Visual/Virtual Concert)

MAJ ft. Thehxliday – “Peach Crush” (Single)

Making their first appearance on Grooverelly is an artist that I am sure you have been familiar with before, whether it be from watching his reactions videos on YouTube or just from his natural talent at making music.  The artist that we are introducing today is Dallas-based artist “MAJ.” MAJ is always someone that has been creating buzz in the music scene since 2018 when … Continue reading MAJ ft. Thehxliday – “Peach Crush” (Single)


An artist who back on Grooverelly with another hit is “IMSICKOFJUN.” He just recently released an amazingly composted single titled “Balenci Slides,” which features production by @vvspipes, @prodbailey, @1mikealmighty, @imghoulbeats, and @jodomx.  With such an elite crew backing the production, you could already tell this was going to be a hit before IMSICKOFJUN laid his amazing vocals on it and executed the beat flawlessly. On … Continue reading IMSICKOFJUN -“BALENCI SLIDES” (Single)

Gab3 – “Annoying” (Music Video)

“Gab3” is always someone that has been on someone’s radar. Whether it stems from filmmaking, producing, or just making songs, Gab3 has always found a way to be a part of the current wave.  Today we are going to talk about the new visuals Gab3 just dropped for his single “Annoying,” which is the second track off of his latest album “Ready to Rave?”  The … Continue reading Gab3 – “Annoying” (Music Video)

ssgkobe – “KO” (Project)

Whether it be finding out about ssgkobe through Lyrical Lemonade or from him being featured on Kaash Paige’s album, I can guarantee that you’ve heard his name one way or another.  Ssgkobe just released a seven track project just a little over a month from releasing the well known single “Calabasas”, which features $NOT and was featured on Lyrical Lemonade.  Track one, which is titled … Continue reading ssgkobe – “KO” (Project)

daine ft. ericdoa – “boys wanna txt”(Single)

Someone who is making major buzz in the hyperpop music scene is an 18 year old artist from Australia by the name of Daine. I’m sure you’ve heard her most recently released song titled “Bloody Knees”, which was her last outing in late 2020.  She just recently released a single titled “boys wanna txt”, which feature well known artist ericdoa. This song strays far from … Continue reading daine ft. ericdoa – “boys wanna txt”(Single)