kkypr Showcases Versatility on New EP “you’re going to have to save yourself”

New year, new energy is what Toronto-native kkypr is bringing to the table with his newest two-track EP titled “you’re going to have to save yourself.” Having racked up over a million streams on the Soundcloud platform alone, kkypr has been consistent with his sounds, showcasing versatility and pure emotions in every track. Being only 18-years-old, kkypr is passing milestones that artist’s way older than him wish they could do.

Off rip, this EP is elegant, introducing us with the first track, “2 High,” containing a Crystal Castles sample that immediately catches your attention. The Mimo influence is real with this production, focusing on the lower-ends with hard-hitting 808’s and a knocking kick-drum. Although the production is wonderful, we must take note of kkypr and the way he executed it as well. The vocal range displayed by kkypr is unreal. I mean that. Being able to captivate off a high-pitch chorus, kkypr does an excellent job creating flows that I didn’t even know could exist. The next and last track, “Acetone,” is a different vibe from kkypr that one should prepare for. It isn’t as uptempo as “2 High,” but it definitely shows the prime example of how versatile kkypr can be, practicing his singing range. 

kkypr is in the right direction, releasing music that is industry-worthy. Give this EP a listen and let us know what you think and most importantly, hop on the wave before it’s too late.  

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