Music Review / Tony Shhnow – 100 ROUNDS / ROLE MODEL

Ambience, aura, atmosphere is what comes to mind when you come across a creative like “Clams Casino”​ , so you except nothing less than a vibe every time you press play and his name is associated. An enigma that almost sets listeners into a trans , so I knew I was in for a treat just by the producer credits alone ; “​Tony Shhnow”​ added … Continue reading Music Review / Tony Shhnow – 100 ROUNDS / ROLE MODEL

BigBabyGucci – Can’t Feel Sh*t

North Carolina rapper “BIGBABYGUCCI” is back with beautiful visuals for the west coast inspired track “Cant Feel Shit”. From race cars, rose buds, double cups and even pickup trucks, this video screams care free. The track itself is a groovy synth ballad with some simple bass chords. The video incorporates real tires screeching, into the track and it just brings the watcher close to the … Continue reading BigBabyGucci – Can’t Feel Sh*t

Jakkyboí Presents Glitter Fest

While COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, shutdowns of about everything including hundreds of venues means lots of cancelled shows. Even though many people have missed some of their favorite artists, there is still hope to hear their work. With the weather warming up and festival season around the corner, Jakkyboí decided to do something about it and that something is Glitter Fest. Being … Continue reading Jakkyboí Presents Glitter Fest

Afourteen, the Underground’s Secret Hardest Artist

It’s hard to define what kind of music or genre that Afourteen is and in a brief discussion with him it seems that he can’t describe himself either. While it is easy to make an assumption based off of A singe track, looking at the discography as a whole we can see how diverse he can be even withing one song. If you were to … Continue reading Afourteen, the Underground’s Secret Hardest Artist

The Steven Moses Acoustic Performance

Steven Moses plays “Voice Memo 468: Sliding Door” on acoustic guitar in Manhattan NYC at SeaTea Soundwerks Studio. Exclusive Grooverelly footage from December 2019. An artist from Pennsylvania, Moses first came out on to the scene with the video for his song Love Me, currently sitting at 4.5 million views. His debut album Love Me, Leave Me dropped in 2018, which featured Maxo Kream, Jaxxon … Continue reading The Steven Moses Acoustic Performance