Oxydecay Shines on New Single “Who Is God, Who Am I?”

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has had some notable artists such as Yella Beezy, Tay Money, Lil Loaded, and many others make a name for themselves in the music scene and I strongly believe we have a candidate that can join them atop of the list. This is an artist by the name of Oxydecay who has already been gaining some notoriety for himself with such a thin catalog.

Recently releasing a single titled Who is God, Who Am I? I am thoroughly impressed with his vocal mix that is just very distinctive from the start to finish. The sentimental value that Oxy brings to the table is one that many artists don’t bring to the table, painting a picture in the listeners mind. The production that Oxy chooses is always solid, aiming for darker, unusual sounds that always stand out.

Oxydecay is truly up next, having a co-sign from Midwxst and having a song with Ericdoa, courtesy of Niztopia. Oxy has shown nothing but consistency, dropping often enough to gain attention and making the fans want more. His pure talent can’t be denied, making a name for himself due to his unique sound and joining the Niztopia community that has believed in him for a while now.

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