Rocstaryoshi Won’t Switch Up on New Single “Change”

It’s been a great start for 2023 in regards to great music coming out. Starting off with an album from Lil Yachty along with BabyTron and a project from Autumn, it’s safe to say that 2023 has potential to reach 2016 in regards to quality music.

Joining that list is 23-year-old rocstaryoshi hailing from Arlington, Texas who just recently released a single titled Change. The feel-good track features production from Bailey, who seems to be Yoshi’s go-to producer in collaboration with Wyatt.

Starting off, you get introduced to Bailey’s well-known futuristic melodies, meshing well with the lower-ends brought by Wyatt. The emphasis that Yoshi displays on not changing despite going through the trials and tribulations of fame, money, etc, really goes to show that he’s always stayed true to himself, no matter the circumstances.

Some listeners may miss this, but Yoshi’s adlibs have always been a personal favorite of mine, adding more substance to the track, using his melodic voice to almost make it seem like part of the production.

Rocstaryoshi will always be atop my top 10 artists and one I will be intrigued with, having numerous hits such as Talk To Me Nice, My Own Advice, and many others. It’s safe to say that we can add Change to this list of memorable tracks by Yoshi.

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