James Amaker’s II’s “AMAKEROPOLIS”

James Amaker II released his album “AMAKEROPOLIS” in April 2022, and it’s highly underrated. Nowadays, underground artists are starting to sound the same. They tend to copy the current top dog of the underground. For example, many people have been hopping on pluggnb beats because of how former slayworld members dominated that sound. Instead, Amaker shows his individual talent. He has an insane vocal range that not many artists have or are willing to display, as Amaker does on his album “AMAKEROPOLIS.”

Listen to James Amaker II’s “AMAKEROPOLIS” above!

He opens up the seven-song album with “DOWN 4 ME?” The beat crescendos into a rage beat drop. Instantly, the listener is presented with Amaker’s remarkable vocal range. Track one is meant to set the tone for the rest of the album, and Amaker definitely did. Although there are softer songs later in the album, he shows people he is confident in his ability from the jump.

My favorite and good example of a softer-toned song is track five “COMPLETE ME.” The beat is a guitar melody that was sure to evoke some emotion out of Amaker. Furthermore, this beautiful melody was paired with hard, typical pop-rap drums. On top of this fantastic beat, Amaker is explaining to his significant other that he is the right man for her. He pleads with her and tries to convince her that he’s unlike the rest. It’s unknown if the person took him back or not, but Amaker shows that he can use his vocal range to get all of his emotions out.

Amaker’s best music is the songs where he gets his emotions out, but he can also make great hype tracks. “AMAKEROPOLIS” features both of these types of songs. Listen to it above, and tap in with him on Instagram here or below!

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