Ronen Gets Personal on Newest Single “Falling”

Ronen is an artist I’ve been keeping tabs on for a while now, impressing with his natural singing abilities as well as his unique vocal chains. Having dropped a handful of singles as well as a project in 2022, it seems as though 2023 would be hopeful for Ronen in regards to more music.

To kick off 2023, Ronen has been on a tour with close friend and music talent Lil Dusty G, ranging from multiple states in the US. He also most recently dropped off a self-produced single titled Falling, bringing us a new and refreshing sound. The faint guitar melody and dark-synth lead mixed with his reverb-added vocals really makes this track stand out.

It seems as though 2023 will be the year for Ronen, anticipating his most consistent year since 2020. 

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