Houston’s Justin Michael Is Next Up: Here’s Why

Being from Texas, I’ve had the privilege to see artists grow and expand beyond the state. Seeing artists such as Tay Money, Tay-K, and Pat Ron succeed from the DFW area while also seeing Travis Scott, Don Toliver and many more come from the Houston area. A name I am confident that will join that Houston list is one by the name of Justin Michael, who has shown nothing but raw talent with his range of vocals that set himself aside from the rest. 

Justin Michael’s most recent release VIBE WITH is a masterpiece from start to finish, diversifying himself, showcasing his versatility in his entire catalog. The synth-like piano melody grabs you in, while Justin’s vocals make you stay, constructing a track that is mainstream worthy. You can hear the Don Toliver and Post Malone influence but Justin does an exceptional job setting his sound aside from the rest, creating his own flows alongside a catchy chorus that will stay in your head. 

“I made this song to address some things within myself, but also as a way for others to really help deal with their own situation. But I wanted it to not be “simpy”, a good change in perspective.”Justin Michael

I’m beyond impressed with Justin Michael and his sound. His abilities to be versatile in a music scene where everything sounds the same will lead him a long way. With VIBE WITH, being his first release in 2023 as well as his first release in 10 months, it looks like Justin has been perfecting his craft and hopefully will be releasing more music on a consistent basis and if he does, he will definitely wake the people up with his natural sound.

I definitely recommend this song to anyone looking for a refreshing sound amid a very saturated music scene. Justin is a star in the making and I will not be surprised if 2023 is his year.

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