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Trill K’s “The Wooh Tape” is Here

Trill K recently released his mixtape, “The Wooh Tape,” and it’s putting on for South Carolina and the label he’s a part of. Trill K is one of the top ten streaming artists in South Carolina and part of a rising label called 7ettrow (pronounced “Set Row”). Trill K is the artist with the most recent drop in the label and continues to improve and expand the collective’s overall sound.

Listen to Trill K’s “The Wooh Tape” above!

The opening track embodies rage. Trill K comes on the track with a loud and intense tone to get his listeners hyped from the jump. He sets the tone for the rest of the tape and proves he’s different. Too many artists of the day try to do what’s trendy, but Trill K takes the fire production style of today and puts his own cadence. Not only that, but he puts on an excellent performance in the music video that accompanies it.

Watch the music video for “Like Woa!” by Trill K above!

One of my personal favorites off the tap is “7ettlivin” with Nuudini and vvayves (pronounced “waves”). Trill K and other 7ettrow artists came together on this track and went back to back with each fire contribution. Each artist has distinct characteristics that contrast enough to make a great combination of bars and vocals. This track alone is a prime example of why you should have your eye on Trill K and the rest of 7ettrow!

On the backend of this tape, Trill K shows that he’s also a versatile artist. He picked more ethereal and slower beats for the last two songs. “Chasing Funds” and “Last Time” do a great job of wrapping everything up and showing that Trill K can use his vocal range in different ways. In the tape’s first half, he used his loudness to be direct and hype with his audience. Still, he uses it towards the end to express the feeling going into his music.

Trill K is one of many underrated artists from the 7ettrow label, so be sure to drop them a follow so you can say that you were one of the OG followers!

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