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El Cousteau – “NITRO” [New Single + Music Video]

Watch this electrifying music video ahead of the release of El Cousteau’s new album.

El Cousteau – “NITRO” (Official Music Video) / filmed+produced by STUDIO 211

We can finally stop holding our breaths and look forward to El Cousteau’s next studio project. Back in 2021 we covered his song and video for “Hi Lo”, and last year we told more about him when he dropped “TIME FOR IT”. Today, we bring you “NITRO”, which is assumed to be the lead single off of his long awaited album, called Dirty Harry.

One thing that never changes in El Cousteau’s music is the intensity he brings to his delivery. But this time, it sounds like his patience over the past years have now spawned a more polished sonic experience. Patience that can be admired, seeing as he’s already taking steps to solidify his name in the D.C. rap scene and beyond.

NITRO’s” production is constructed by Coca Cousteau, who is also seen alongside his friend as a part of the music video. The signature “Coca in there making beats and shit” (said by El Cousteau himself) tag is heard at the beginning of the track. The lines over Coca’s instrumental hit like a collection of unrelated-but-still-relevant-and-real thoughts coming from different places of the lyricist’s mind. Check out some of my favorite lines below.

“I’m a supermodel, she keep asking me to smile”

“Ralph Lauren button-down, my mother think I’m cross-dressing / Nigga want smoke? Bro better get some pallbearers”

“How niggas gon’ speak on it if you ain’t never did shit? I’m ridin’ around with high-crimers, boys real head-spinners. (Woo!)”

The music video is produced, filmed, and edited by STUDIO 211 (Ronn Cousteau). It’s frames show El Cousteau and producer Coca Cousteau inside of a car garage, as well as the rapper alone, impressively shot in Joker-with-body-outside-the-car-window-style fashion. Back in April of 2022, Ronn Cousteau casted producer Coca Cousteau and rapper El Cousteau in his senior thesis film Super Jammer.

Behind The Scenes / ‘Super Jammer’ Short Film Directed by Ronn Cousteau (2022)

Now, we can’t wait to hear what this forthcoming project sounds like. Be on the look out for the ‘Dirty Harry’ mixtape by El Cousteau coming soon!

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