Who Is Luvdes? 

Her vocals will leave you in a trance, and have you gate-keeping the music from your friends. This up-coming artist going by the name of Luvdes, is one you should take notice of. Based out of Miami, FL Luvdes is an RnB artist that is crafting her own unique sound & style within the genre. While paving her own lane and dropping spicy records, Luvdes has been able to garner a decent fan base and following online. Through social platforms like Tiktok, Luvdes posts snippets of her infectious tunes. Some of my favorite records from Luvdes thus far have to be, “sympathy”, “lack” (both versions), and her newest single “ily”. There’s no denying the potential this Miami native has, be sure to check out Luvdes’s catalog below, and be sure to tap in to her newest single “ily”

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