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Wynne – “In The Mood” [Official Video]

The wonder-woman-of-words drops a swaggy and steamy new video.

“In The Mood” (prod. Felix Leone & DLUXE)

Wynne is winning right now. The 26-year-old Portland native who’s had a love for rap since the age of twelve, is starting to reap the benefits of her student-of-the-game mentality and self-motivated, ongoing artist development. If you look at her YouTube page, you’ll be able to see her journey over the past six years. In 2020 she released the Do My Own Stunts EP (executively produced by Christo) and afterwards, she went on her first tour, opening up for EARTHGANG and Mick Jenkins. Then…the world stopped, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wynne used this as an opportunity to hone in on her craft as a structured-song-maker. Also, she released two short packs (“Ex Boyfriend / Gossip At Brunch” and “Holiday / U Sick”), then followed up with her smash single “Look At You.” The sounds crafted on these tracks served as a teaser of what was to come with the fresh Some Like It Hot EP.

Across 5 songs, Wynne displays tightly-penned, ear-worm-worthy hooks, with elevated flows and cadences throughout her sixteens. Overall, her tunes are becoming more conventional and kinetic, while maintaining a strong level of checks inside the boxes of the best active emcees. Her talent has earned herself this year’s “Rookie of the Month” title by Billboard Magazine in July-the publication described Some Like It Hot as “a spicy showcase for sports metaphors, witty lyricism and catchy hooks.” I agree and would add to that with…no excessive lines or filler-bars; a trait that can only be attributed to other phenomenal female rappers and the cream of the crop of male rappers. This places the lady from Lake Oswego in a “rapper’s rapper” category-in my opinion. But so far, what’s kept her overlooked is her appearance; there hasn’t been a white woman who has remained widely respected and championed in the culture and in the rap game. This is something Wynne has been aware of since she started writing rhymes, which allowed her to always maintain the utmost confidence and sureness in herself and in her ability. Also, this sets the rapper in a unique and pioneering position.

At this point in her career, Wynne’s sonics are growing up with her. Sweatsuits and cypher-centered music videos have evolved into more provocative appearances and cinematic scenes; scenes that are conveyed in recent visuals, like the one for her new EP’s leading track.

Wynne – “In The Mood” (Official Music Video) / Shot & Edited By Riley Brown / Dir. Winlosstie

The music video for “In The Mood” has a general red color scheme throughout; from Wynne’s cherry-colored lipstick and Jordan Concord’s, to her scantily-clad polka-dotted wardrobe and a pair of boxing gloves worn by two lads seemingly fighting over her in a street-boxing match as she plays referee. In another scene, the lyricist is seen on a rooftop, strutting in front of a sports car. Overall, her confident presence is felt through the screen as she performs. Watch the video above and check out some of my favorite bars from “In The Mood” below.

“Throwing punches at me, I don’t feel none. Still haven’t dropped, where the fans get a meal from? Yelling feed us (fetus) at me like they’ve been up in the womb.”

“Yeah, he a player but he can’t get Wynne (win). Call me nanny, I’ma sit that kid.”

“Speak of my exes, stop trying to call my phone, it’s block’s on block’s (blocks) like I’m playing Tetris.”

“Five-times-two, I’m as bad as they come. Hearts on him, make that garcon comme (cum)”

Wynne is also gearing up to embark on her first solo tour this fall, titled “Hot On Their Heels.” The show will begin on September 19th in San Francisco, CA and close on November 11th in her home state of Oregon. You can visit her official website (sinawynne.com) for more information and to purchase tickets.

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