Undefxned Releases Gritty Yet Energetic Track ‘NEMESIS’

Upcoming Maryland act Undefxned started his career from humble beginnings. Growing up listening to every song on his mom’s iPod, Undefxned pulled inspiration from music legends like Lauryn Hill, LL Cool J, Erykah Badu, and Beyoncé to name a few. His style can be defined as “widespread and open,” willing to try new styles and sub-genres of Rap. “Really I just create what I feel and don’t limit myself,” says Undefxned. Taking the DIY approach, he taught himself how to use FL studio, learning to record and produce his own records. But his music obsession started at the age of 9 where he would write songs and play bass clarinet in his elementary and middle school band. He made his first demo when he was 11-years-old with assistance from his mother’s co-worker’s husband who was also a musician. Since then, he’s released multiple singles and produced 3 solo projects. 

One of his latest offerings is ‘NEMESIS,’ a gritty, straightforward, and energetic track produced by Undefxned himself. With its short run-time, Undefxned keeps it simple while delivering punchlines with a comfortable, relaxed flow which meshes perfectly with its lively production. The melody is reminiscent of a boss battle between a protagonist and an antagonist in a retro video game. In the middle of the track, the melody cleverly reverses to capture the rising intensity and climax. It’s a well-thought out, stylistic song that will surely capture the right audience. 

Stream ‘NEMESIS’ and its accompanying music video available now everywhere you get your music!

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