Happytree Delivers With “Don’t Fight It”

LA based artist Happytree delivers with this single and video for “Don’t Fight It”. With this being my first introduction to Happytree, I can now say that I will be tapping in with him in the future. Right from the jump of the song the energy can be heard and felt. With self production along with help from Jack Laboz, this beat jumps out of your speaker and goes straight into your bloodstream. Yes the beat lays the platform for the track but Happytree delivers with real lyrics that are not only catchy but they also allow the listener to relate to what he’s saying. Through and through this track is a straight bop and came out at the perfect time with the weather getting beautiful.

For the video he had Ethan Frank take control and he killed it. This song has such a distinct sound and energy to it and the video matches that perfectly. With trippy visuals and so many different transitions you are captivated from start to finish. With that being said “Don’t Fight It” is one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard in a minute, tap in below.

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