Here’s Your Chance to Get Hip to RIPXL and His ‘LUXURY’ Album Early

RIPXL recently came out with LUXURY, an album we can’t not talk about and you can’t not listen to. As a whole work, LUXURY is masterful in every aspect. But, let’s talk about the hard-hitting lyrics in the title track. 

With each new listen, you’ll find you’re attention drawn to a new line. The first line immediately hooks you “Please dont hit my phone wit nun of dat fuckery, man you boys can’t fuck wit me”

RIPXL makes it clear that his success is becuase of his dedication and determination. 

“Hop up out the bed first thing on my mind, how the fuck to get some bread?”

His lyrics are genuine and you can tell come from RIPXL’s ability to draw from real life. 

As an emerging artist, RIPXL is worth looking out for after releasing this banger of an album and heading his own record label, DataHaarts. This rapper has the talent and the drive. He’s steady and on the rise. We could all learn a thing or two from listening closely to what RIPXL has got to say.

Co-Writer: Phoebe Rothschild

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