mynameisntjmack and Tommy Richman Link for One of the Best Music Videos All Year in “BUNKER / PREROLL”

mynameisntjmack has been on a tear all this year, still building off of the success of his recent album THE LORDS OF SOUNDS AND LESSER THINGS. One impressive thing about jmack’s year so far is that he is clearly executing a very well thought out plan and staying true to his artistic vision.

Although THE LORDS OF SOUNDS AND LESSER THINGS is performing incredibly with well over 100k streams already, jmack has chosen to release a music video for his single with Tommy Richman, BUNKER/ PREROLL. The song’s video released last week and was directed/edited by Cult Classic. The visual is incredibly interesting, as the viewer is brought on a journey alongside mynameisntjmack and Tommy Richman. The video has a mini-movie feel and brings an extremely refreshing view on the track. Having heard the track when it was released on all platforms, this video really made the song click on a new level in my mind.

The video follows jmack and Richman breaking inside a bunker of sorts (from what it seems). The two rummage through the a person’s belongings as he sleeps in the room right next to the two ‘burglars’. The personality of the two rising artists truly shines through the music video and grab the viewer’s attention. There isn’t a whole lot that is happening in each scene- the cinematography also went crazy with a lot of quick rotating shots, precise lighting cues, and just really good direction overall. It was clear that a lot of work went into this video, but it also presented so naturally.

My favorite shots in the video was when jmack and Richman danced in a dark back alley with bright LED lights flashing in their face at the most attractive angles. Every one that was a part of this project delivered entirely. Go stream mynameisntjmack and tap in to every artist and creator involved with this. The music video is below- go watch it and let us know your favorite parts below!

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