Shane’s Selections, Volume 3: Moving & Road Trips

Sorry for the delay on Volume 3 of Shane’s Selections. But I’ve been busy, I think I’ve been in 10-12 states in the past 3 weeks. I’ve spent way too much time in my car, but I’m super blessed to live the life that I do. I recently moved from LA, down to Nashville. So if you know any fire food spots let a kid know! Here are some tracks I’ve been digging lately, that I think you will all enjoy. Also here’s my personal playlist, aka my daily driver playlist…if you wanna tap in to what I’m listening too. 

First up, 

Worry Club – knocking on wood 

This is one of my favorite tracks from Worry Club yet, these guys have been killing it lately. From rocking shows, to gaining great traction online, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this group next. “Knocking on Wood” has the most incredible hook, this song is an anthem…definitely go check this one out. 

Second we have, 

Kalvxn & Andygefroren – WINNER 

It’s no secret I’m a Kalvxn fan, this kid can’t miss. It’s just a matter of time before he pops off! This new track with Andygefroren is no different, Kalvxn always finds these infectious flows & has smooth transitions. He’s really found his sound. Like I said it’s just a matter of time! Be sure to stream WINNER, it’s been on rotation for me heavy! 

Third we got, 

she loves boon emotional trap 

From start to finish this project is fire! I’ve been following Boon over the last year and the growth is incredible, music and fan base wise. Boon is really creating his own lane and sound. I think the young artist has a crazy 2023 ahead, and I can’t wait for more music. My favorite cuts off emotional trap have to be, “everything ab u”, “worthless” and “punk rock”. 

Lastly check out, 

Skodi – F. O. M. W.

This track comes with in your face energy, que stank face start to finish. I love listening to Skodi because she is so versatile. You never know what to expect from this talented artist. Some other songs I really dig from Skodi include “Back”, and “1984”. Skodi recently just dropped a fire visual to accompany F.O.M.W. directed by Fxrbes. The whole video is a mood, some would say a vibe…but no one can argue that Skodi is doing her thing.

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