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Fair Ave Presents: Their Biggest Show Yet, and If You’re In LA You Should Pop Out

Fair Ave Presents is an LA based production company that focuses on curating concerts/live events, as well as networking with artists across all genres and demographics. This coming Saturday it will be hosting it’s biggest show to date, presenting the likes of Phat Yaki, Soul Scratch , and DJ Johnny Scott Gramercy to curate the late night vibes. The show is sure to be full of groove, funk, and nostalgia as the card is filled with cool jazz and hot funk, as Soul Scratch is set to make their return to live performance for the first time in a year! So who is curating a card with 70’s funk vibes in a demandingly youthful LA scene?

Founders of Fair Ave Presents, Quinn Malcolm and Mike Bonomo, found their way into the concert scene as the entire music industry fazed out of the COVID-era. In 2021, the two threw their first concert in Quinn’s backyard in North Hollywood- the process was extremely DIY which is all the more impressive. With a stage in the backyard, singers, songwriters, and bands that the future -creators of Fair Ave Presents met while at an open mic highly anticipated getting back out after the pandemic to perform live. It worked perfectly.

The event was spread entirely through word of mouth and charged a mere $5 entry at the door. The night went beyond expectations and the two knew that they were on to something- that something being Fair Ave Presents.

Working with local artists from an open mic at the nearby bar, The Barrel Tavern, went a far ways for the pair as it led to a beneficial connection with promoters from The Barrel, offering Fair Ave Presents a bar space to host events regularly. Fair Ave Presents has been hosting shows at the bar for over a year now, normally on every other Saturday night. On a larger scale, this connection became even more beneficial for the local music scene as well, as there was a mutual understanding of the need for a live music scene that expanded beyond open mic nights. This became the mission of Fair Ave Presents.

Working on up to three events every month for over the past year, Fair Ave Presents considers this coming event “the culmination of our efforts as a continuing movement.” Soul Scratch has been one of LA’s hottest jazz bands for a long time. One interesting note about Soul Scratch is the lead singer, Dale Spollett, who tours in GRiZ’s live band and has performed in front of a sold out Red Rocks crowd. The group can JAM, and has had some time to rest as this is their first performance after a short-term break. They are really excited to put on a thrashing show.

The event is this Saturday, August 13th, at 8 PM at The Barrel Tavern on Ventura Blvd., in Sherman Oaks section of LA. Buy your tickets here or at the door, but you may want to secure your ticket sooner than later to ensure that you get your spot in the bar!

Shoutout Fair Ave Presents for helping cultivate an outlet for artists in the Sherman Oaks area, and LA as a whole.

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