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SEBii turns the world upside down by saying “She My Slime, Slatt Slatt” in DONOrr music video

SEBii is one of the more fun artists that you can tap in to. Even in releasing a music video for a song that is just over a year old, SEBii finds a way to reinvent himself and his music. DONOrr was a track that I really enjoyed at the time of it’s release, but to be honest it was one of those songs that slid through the cracks of my memory as time went on. Seeing the music video has reignited a sense of chaotic fun in me- I find myself in the shower saying “Wow wow wow wow body on me wow wow” .. walking around the Stop & Shop mouthing the lyrics on loop- “SHE GAVE ME HER HEART LIKE A DONOrr, I GAVE IT TO HER HARD LIKE A BONErr”. I’m so serious. And I feel so confident doing it.

The song itself is a hit and I am thankful that SEBii finally released a visual and set a new context to the track for fans.

The music video appears to mainly take place in the VVuniverse, as the film begins with SEBii walking through a psychedelic landscape before coming upon what appears to be a VV-styled ancient gemstone that is whispering to the energetic artist (I know it’s been too long since I’ve been with a woman because the gem’s whispers sent chills up my spine.)

Taking the gemstone and placing it at the center of his heart, a powerful and free energy overtakes SEBii as he rides his motorcycle through the universe and dodges all sorts of danger. The transpiring scenes are a beautiful fusion of the inner child and one’s confident adult self. That’s not part of the music video’s purpose I don’t think but I just wanted to point out how impressive it is as it’s a really hard balance to find and is a theme that all of us can relate to… We all need to let out our inner child sometimes.

However, some music fans on Twitter seemed to be very bothered by the song and music video. It sparked a HEATED discussion in the online twitter music communities, as it seemed that everyone weighed in on their opinion of the song. What started pushing it in the algorithm initially was the love that the track was receive, as even the internet’s busiest music nerd tweeted out the video’s link.

Quickly that attention took a turn as mostly underground artists sounded off on their distaste for the song and style. Some of the tweets from the community are pasted below, but most of the hate seemed to be irrational think-pieces that came from a place of annoyance and jealousy.

Personally I didn’t expect that something so silly could upset people- people who seemingly were not fans of SEBii’s style to begin with. This unjustified criticism often comes with the territory of being one of the more successful independent artists in music. We cannot change one’s opinion on what they do or don’t like, but it is pretty clear when people are just hating for the sake of hating. All that I have to say is “SHE MY SLIMMEEE, SLATT SLATT,” respectfully.

Despite anyone’s feelings on the song itself, the project goes beyond the expected music video, as SEBii’s team even made a playable DONOrr Gameboy game that sold out on his official store within a day.
( side note: I heard one rumor that when you make it to the final boss then you get a really massive BONOrr and VVRED begins to blast at -3 LUFs.)

Watching SEBii receive the rightfully deserved flowers in releases like this is very special to the passionate fanbase that eagerly awaits for anything that SEBii creates. This also marks his third music video released as of late, as he also gave the fans visuals to QUEUE and ciabatta (a Youtube exclusive song). It seems like SEBii is on a bit of a visual binge lately and we are HERE for it.

If you have yet to watch the DONOrr music video yet yourself, check it out below and leave a subscription to SEBii’s Youtube channel. SLATT SLATT!

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