Sheen is bringing back RnB

[Cover Art for “Vintage ’94”]

Back when I was managing a night club in Toronto, roughly 6 years ago RnB was a prominent sound you’d hear in the clubs. Obviously because artists like The Weeknd and Tory Lanez are from the city, but somewhere in the last couple of years the RnB scene slowly died out. Sure you’ll hear a song here and there, but overall those days are over. I knew when I was working, when the DJ’s started playing those Hip-Hop/RnB mash ups, for some reason the drinks started flowing more and the dance floor would become a little more intimate, which would result in a crazy night for everyone.

Well I just found an artist out of Houston, who I’m confident can bring back that overall vibe who goes by the name Sheen who is fresh off the release of his debut album “Vintage ’94”. When I first streamed the project, I was inspired to write about it immediately because I knew I found something special. His raw talent, and diamond voice combined with world class production brought me back to those days at the club, doing things I might regret the next day. But overall creating memories for a lifetime, and for the first time in a long time, I felt something while streaming a new artists music.

Please stream “Vintage ’94” below, I promise if you like RnB, Sheen is the guy who is gonna bring it back to the mainstream. Thanks for reading!

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