Ninexteen Shines on New Single “November Girls”

I’m often introduced to several artists at a time but one that has stuck in my playlist is one by the artist name of ninexteen, who has continuously dropped hit after hit. Ninexteen has blessed us with his newly released single titled “november girls,” which brings us a new vibe, flowing effortlessly over an angelic production brought to us by joss and kite.

The quality of ninexteen’s vocals is something that I’d describe as clean, mixed with a heavenly flow. The tone set by both producers, pave the way for ninexteen’s success on this track, bodying this track from start to finish. The drop in the production matches ninexteen’s chaotic energy, transitioning from a peaceful intro.

If you aren’t familiar with ninexteen, I recommend you get hip to his music as soon as possible. His flow is unlike any other along with his out-of-the-ordinary mix. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!

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