Rileylol drops new single – “bad intentions” 

I miss the old SoundCloud era. When music was fun, playful, and laced with infectious melodies. Simpler tunes, and simpler times…those were the days lads. We can still be saved though, I think Rileylol is just the cat to merge the gap, and bring these old SoundCloud era vibes back to the forefront. His newest single “bad intentions” is the perfect testament to that. Off rip, the beat selection is perfect, super fun and very catchy, yet simple. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of who produced this track. Whoever it is, shout out them…but Riley did his fucking thing on this beat. His melodies complimented the instrumental perfectly. In SoundCloud terminology, Riley snapped! The song overall is top tier, and is most definitely on X game mode level. Riley is really finding his sound, and perfecting his craft with these past few releases. You can hear in the music that he’s having a good time making these tunes. I’m super excited for Riley’s next releases, I think he’s going to make a big run in 2023, be sure to check out “bad intentions” linked below. 

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