Jacuh: I Don’t Care What Genre You Fit Into, Let’s Turn Up To My Music! 

19 yr. old jacuh hails from Homer, New York, and when he turned 13 years old, he started creating songs. Simply said, it was a productive way to deal with challenging situations.

jacuh’s career outside of music is equally impressive. He runs the Ithaca, New York Zumiez store and has learned so much from working there – including how to interact with people in general as well as sell products effectively!

jacuh has pursued music with single minded determination and gave little consideration for others’ opinions. He has continued making great strides, now working hard on promoting his most recent drop “i got“.

jacuh is driven by his passion for music and lyrics that tell interpersonal stories. His exceptional creative process incorporates rhythms, vocals, as well as freestyle songwriting to produce gripping tunes with emotional depth, a true reflection of who you are!

It’s what has defined every aspect of how he operates both professionally and personally.

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