Do What Tophillfreddo did on his First Album, “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY”

Tophillfreddo recently released his first album, “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY,” and it’s everything an underground should be. Nowadays, the underground sound is getting oversaturated with Yeat, Summrs, Autumn, KanKan, Playboi Carti, etc. clones. In this album, you can hear the influence that tophillfreddo may have pulled from those artists, but he makes sure to add his uniqueness.

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The production value of this 8-song album is so high. The producers took the underground sound of today and added a pop twist to it to make some incredible, one-of-a-kind beats. This album is reminiscent of Lancey Foux’s tendency to take a smoother approach with his music and being a prolific rapper. Tophillfreddo takes somewhat of the same approach. For example, on track 3, “GENIUS,” tophillfreddo comes in with his autotune-heavy voice and slides on this electro-funk beat. At the same time, he’s securing that underground sound.

Tophillfreddo’s most remarkable aspect is his voice. He doesn’t shy away from the mic at all. Instead, he has all the confidence in the world, and rightfully so; his vocal range is unlike many ordinary artists in the underground today. Tophillfreddo is genuinely an exciting artist because he’s using elements of different genres of music– the tempo and production style of pop, the vocal range of singers, the content value of rap, etc. — to create something unheard of before the release. “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY.”

Listen to Tophillfreddo’s latest album, “BEFORE I WENT CRAZY,” below!

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