It’s not a surprise that rising star IMSICKOFJUN is back on our page today as he’s been the most consistent in regards to releasing great music this year. Today, IMSICKOFJUN just released an insane single titled O.M.H which he really outdid himself with. The track is produced by Lucca who has been turning heads this year with his insane production. He’s also just fresh off of a collaborative EP with C2D.

This song reminds me of IMSICKOFJUN’s older sound with more of the futuristic melodies being in tact. Although it’s reminiscent of his older sound, his vocals just keep getting better and better in regards to mixing and wordplay. The deep meaning behind this song could be overlooked with the uptempo production and fast-paced lyricism but that just makes the song so much better. It seems as though with each and every release he grows emotionally as an artist and as a person with the self-applauding lyrics such as “Life is just good, what am I complaining for?”

It’s without a doubt that IMSICKOFJUN is getting closer and closer to stardom with each release this year, showing growth and intimating other artists. The confidence IMSICKOFJUN carries with his music is something that will take him far because he knows his music is good and doesn’t need validation from anybody.

Check out O.M.H, down below!


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