MVNCH Separates Himself From The Rest With “DSSV2”

In the underground it has become so difficult to separate yourself from the rest due to such an over saturation of a similar sound but MVNCH has been able to show how versatile he is in “DSSV2”. Improving more and more with each release this one really put a stamp onto his career and put a distinct sound to the name MVNCH. Throughout the eight songs every single one is completely different and shows the talents that he possesses. Anyone can make a catchy hook but the way that he uses his voice to create sticking melodies and give us a sound that has never been heard before solidifies his as someone to be on the watch for. Having many different flows also allows him to have such a diversity of features from CHXPO, Brickboydior, and Nashon9k just to name a few. MVNCH has something special with this project, go give it a listen now. 

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