Jonah Zed & Watson Team Up for Wavy New Single “Cake Walk”

Toronto artist Jonah Zed and Los Angeles artist Watson come together for a serene track Cake Walk. This tracks come from the special help and support from Kyle Perera from Cleopatra Records, in reference will be released in their label.

I remember catching drift of Jonah Zed when he was featured on Patrick CC’s first album, Launch Sequence, where Patrick compiled an entire album with talented artist from start to finish. Jonah appeared on the first track of the album Black Hole Sun, which also featured Grooverelly fan favorite artist, Skaiwater. Ever since that release, I was hooked on Jonah Zed’s music and the capabilities he has as an artist. I just recently discovered Watson and I’ve been impressed so far in what he brings to the table. His smooth vocals and intellect wordplay is something that’s been ear-catching.

This track is a masterpiece from start to finish. The dreamy production will make you ascend just in itself. The catchy hook and serene vocals from both Jonah Zed and Watson will pull any listener in and enjoy the slower paced, R&B track.

These two artists together is something called magic. The way they’re able to bounce off of each other majestically is how they formed to create this flawless track.

Check out Cake Walk down below!

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