LIL DUSTY G Recruits Marshmello for Special Single “Preached”

A rising artist who has been on my radar for a couple years now is one who comes from the roots of Dallas, TX, Lil Dusty G. He has been underground for the entirety of his career leading up to this point. He’s received plenty of observation on his SoundCloud page and is known for working with fellow artist Ronen as well. This track comes unexpected as LIL DUSTY G had help from mega-producer, world renowned DJ and much more, Marshmello.

Preached comes as the second lead single from LIL DUSTY G’s debut album, following Nobody, which released back in September. This would be Dusty’s sixth single released this year as he came back from a brief hiatus having his fans wondering if he was going to return to music. LIL DUSTY G creates a catchy hook where he utilizes his vocals near perfectly and reminds me of when I would listen to 00’s Rock Band “Puddle of Mudd.”

The production displayed by Marshmello is one that gives me a unique feeling. It’s hard to place this track in one specific genre due to the tracks anomaly status and it’s mixture of multiple genres. Marshmello steers far away from his typical style of EDM-driven and electronic use production to mold a string heavy melody.

It’s without a doubt that we are just seeing LIL DUSTY G get started as he’s been consistent in all of his tracks thus far and has only gotten better with each release. If you don’t know LIL DUSTY G, now you do.

Check out the Preached video below!

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