XVXPARIS Doesn’t Let Up on “Over Heaven Demo” Tape

Kansas native XVXPARIS decided to remind those around him who’s really up next with his recent release Over Heaven Demo, which features a brief two tracks titled In The Wind & Company. The evanescent tape only has one featured artist which is Shadow King but shows strength and compliments XVXPARIS well.

Track one, In The Wind, XVXPARIS glides over a reversed orchestral melody with hard hitting drums to really set the tone for his sound moving forward. This is the sole track with a feature who includes Shadow King, who bounces off XVXPARIS’ memorable chorus elegantly. It seems as though XVXPARIS is coming for necks on this track as he’s shown growth with each and every individual release this year.

XVXPARIS slows the tempo down on the second and final track, Company. With a very R&B-esque melody and knocking drums, XVXPARIS coasts effortlessly exhibiting raw emotions in each and every bar.

Although this release was very short, it’s no doubt that XVXPARIS is able to showcase his versatility in just two tracks. It’s a mistake to be sleeping on XVXPARIS as an artist as he’s one of the most underrated yet most talented in the game. If you aren’t familiar with XVXPARIS, now you are.

Check out the Over Heaven Demo down below and let us know what you think!

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