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Kankan Solidifies Himself As Top 10 on Highly Anticipated Album “##RR”

It comes as no surprise that Dallas bred artist Kankan is making a return to our website with his recently released album titled ##RR, which consists of 14 tracks, combining for roughly 30 minutes. The album consists of appearances from Yeat and Joony.

Since releasing the EP ##B4RR back in June of this year, the rapper hinted that the sequel would be dropping soon after. Teasing snippets on his Instagram and deleting them soon after, Kankan’s fans would get a taste of what was next. Kan would post snippets of songs that are currently on the album and some that are sitting aside.

The first track on the album, Arcteryx, really sets the tone for the album with Kan’s specialty in rapping over drum-heavy instrumentals mixed with futuristic melodies.

One of my personal favorite tracks off the album is one that has been teased often on Instagram, titled Red. The angelic yet laid back flow will have the listener rocking their head back and forth. One of my favorite bars from this song is “They like how Kan dropped out and he still got rich?”

The third track, Breakin Tha Bank, features the craziest production I have ever heard. The way the melody pans and bounces from one ear to the other really puts me in a trance.

Jumping forward in the project is where Kan changes the tempo on the seventh track Oxy Interlude, where he flows over a heavenly guitar melody with no added drums. On this track, you can hear more of Kan’s true emotions being displayed with more from his singing side.

On the ninth track, Dissin, it was very refreshing to hear Kan working with highly known producer JetsonMade, who is infamous for producing the majority of Dababy’s catalog.

It’s no doubt that Kankan is on his way to stardom. After being recognized from several mainstream artists including Trippie Redd, who he currently has an unreleased song with, he’s bound to have a fat label deal in front of him.

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