Steele 11 Joins XVXPARIS For Bouncy New Track “Headshot!”

Newly welcomed Grooverelly artist, XVXPARIS, just recently released a song which proves that he’s on his way to stardom titled Headshot! which is accompanied by exciting artist Steele 11.

XVXPARIS has been on my radar for the longest and it’s only fitting that we’d bring him on board to our team as well as cover his most recent single, Headshot!

Coming out of Kansas, he’s been breaking barriers and pushing his unique sound to break the stereotypical sound that an artist should have coming from Kansas.

On Headshot! XVXPARIS does a phenomenal job using his gifted voice to catch the listeners attention as well as choosing symphonic melodies. Steele 11 compliments XVXPARIS’ sound very well as it’s common that we hear these two artists on tracks together.

One of my favorite lines from the track is “I heard y’all really sell y’all soul, y’all can’t get a bag on y’all own.” XVXPARIS speaks the truth with this indirect bar as it’s been known that artists sign a label deal all for the wrong reasons.

XVXPARIS has no genre limitations as he’s showcased that he’s one of the most versatile artists in the game right now and I promise you he’s one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists. If y’all continue to sleep on XVXPARIS any longer, you may miss your opportunity to work with an artist with this much talent.

Check out Headshot! down below!


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