@1gads Doesn’t Need Anyone on “Workin”

An artist who just recently has been on my radar is the 19 year old @1gads. He hails from North Carolina and he posted a snippet on Instagram for his newly single workin, which got me hooked immediately.

@1gads elegantly glides over this drum-heavy production and emphasizes how he’s working on himself and doesn’t need anyone or their help. To me, I felt that on a personal level as I try my hardest to keep the grind to myself. The mixing on his vocals are on point. You can clearly understand him and can get an understanding on where he’s coming from.

Although I just recently got into @1gads’ music, I can guarantee you this won’t be the last time you hear about him on our page. The sky’s the limit for him and he’s showing a lot of promise and could become one of the hardest rappers to come out of the underground. 

Check out workin down below!


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