Maria Domark Embraces the World of Future Pop on Her Debut EP “Flawless”

Future-pop writer, singer, producer and former model Maria Domark announced the release of her debut EP, Flawless on September 3rd, 2021 via P.O.F CORP. Maria Domark’s EP is assisted by hyper-modern 3D art from artists like Razorade and Sevi Domochevsky who worked alongside Grimes, Charli XCX, and Arca. The producer has built a social empire by herself with having over 1 million followers on Instagram alone and a loyal fanbase on both TikTok and Facebook. Maria’s plan is simple: delete all her prior content and starting from scratch.

The EP consists of five tracks total but my personal favorite is Mieway, which was mixed and mastered by Scott Banks, who has worked on two Golden Melody Award-winning singles, two platinum-certified singles as well as with Major Lazer and DJ Snake on 2015 breakout song Lean On. Maria’s sound is so unique as she is in her own lane, but her music calls to likings of Grimes, Poppy, Ashnikko, and Dorian Electra.

Growing up, Maria had a hard time making friends as she was originally born in St. Petersburg, but moved to Israel at a young age making her an immigrant at the time and also grew up with low income with her single mother. As time progressed, Maria managed to get into one of the biggest modeling agencies in the country in order to support herself financially. With advice from her agency, she entered the Big Brother show, where her name grew a steady pace and became a well-known persona and celebrity overseas. She ended up placing modeling campaigns on national television and presented worldwide brands nationwide. After some time of feeling out of place, fake, and unfulfilled, Maria chose to quit, leaving that whole part of her life behind in search of authenticity. Little did she know, she would become a rising superstar in the music scene.

Flawless carries a dark and production-driven meaning in which she finds herself within rebellion. Maria Domark does an excellent job with her charming vocals that tell the story of anxiety, model life, rumors, loneliness, fear, and living your truth and becoming one with yourself. You can clearly hear how Maria has had enough when it comes to being told what to do and what she’s expected to be. With being her debut project, the world may not be ready to hear what Maria has to say just yet but that is okay with her as this entire EP is genuinely herself and seeking to make a change within herself as well as the world.

Maria had this to say about the Flawless project:

“This EP represents the beginning of my journey to truly connect with myself, creating my own music and following my true passion. Being left unfulfilled by my old modeling life, I was lost and in a pretty dark place, when the melody for Haunted just popped out while I was playing the guitar. At that moment, I felt my sense of purpose coming back to me – like this melody somehow woke me up from a long slumber. This ongoing journey formed some of the best memories of my life, some true friends and made me a wiser, more confident human.” – Maria Domark.

Check out Flawless down below!

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