Who Did It Better? – Autumn! or Playboi Carti(Jump Out The House)

Playboi Carti is obviously one of the world’s most known artists. Known for his songs like Magnolia, Shoota, Sky, and many more. Carti obviously has everybody’s attention when it comes to his music as several people quite literally tweet about him on a daily basis. 

Just last December, he released his highly anticipated album “Whole Lotta Red,” which featured 24 tracks total. One of the most known songs on there is the Richie Souf produced track “JumpOutTheHouse.” Arguably enough, most of the tracks on the album could incite a riot as featured when he was performing at Lollapalooza and some of the crowd was passing out. 

On the other spectrum of music, well-known and up-and-coming artist Autumn put his own spin on the production for Jump Out The House. The music video, directed by Tycho Burwell, did an amazing job with Autumn becoming a neat-silhouette and paying homage to Whole Lotta Red with the red color coordination. Autumn manages to use a Lil Uzi-type flow and just goes in nonstop off-rip. While Autumn didn’t create a hook, the heavy flow and bars really make up for that. 

The original version of Jump Out The House, which Carti made was also a masterpiece. The catchy but repetitive hook really could get the crowd going at any show or festival. For me though, the song is very lackluster compared to the Autumn version. Trying to decipher Carti sometimes is like trying to decipher a foreign language. I will give credit where it’s due where Carti really became original on this track and doesn’t sound like anybody.

To sum this all up, I think both versions of this track are amazing and have their own niche. However, in my personal opinion, Autumn really murdered this beat from start to finish. The non-stop flow mixed with Autumns unique bars make for an instant hit.

Check out Autumn’s version down below and let me know which version you think is best!

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