Yeat Goes Up on “Trëndi – EP”

Yeat is arguably one of the hottest rappers out right now. There’s definitely no debate about that. The rapper who associates himself with Autumn, KanKan, and others, has steadily been on an incline with his unique style. The single that ultimately got everyone familiar with him was “Sorry Bout That,” which has already accumulated 682k streams in just a little under two months. Yeat just dropped an EP titled “Trëndi,” which has a total of four amazing tracks and carries one feature which is SeptembersRich.

The EP starts off aggressive in the first single titled “Mad Bout That.” With production by Sharkboy, who produced Sorry Bout That, did his thing. Yeat emphasizes he’s really mad about other artists stealing his flows as well as a woman mistaking him for being broke. This is an amazing way to start the EP.

The second track displays such beautiful production off-rip as Yeat does his thing. The aggressive flows that Yeat is known for is just amazing as he really makes sure he isn’t sounding like anyone else. This is one of those tracks where you’ll find yourself bopping your head to it without even knowing.

With a feature by SeptembersRich, I already knew that was going to be the icing on the cake. Track three, titled “Insidë Out” really shows Yeats potential as an artist and how well he can sound with other artists. The laid back flow with the hard-hitting drums really bounce off each other perfectly.

The fourth and final track, “Tonka 2,” might just be my personal favorite. The eerie melody really caught my ear as the drums really make the loop stand out. It’s almost as if the producer mixed rage along with trap and it sounds so well.

Yeat is such an exciting watch, especially where he’s heading in his career right now. If I were you, I’d hop on as soon as possible before it’s too late. I can see him hitting the mainstream sooner than later if he keeps it up. 

Stream “Trëndi – EP” down below!

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