The AViT Interview

AViT is such an underrated artist and I was honored to sit down and talk to them about their journey in the music scene. The DMV based artist makes unforgettable music that anybody could become a fan of.

Erik Young: I just wanted to say thank you for your time and wanting to do this interview with me. I’m a huge fan.

AViT: Thank you, I’m glad to be doing this.

Erik Young: Who is AViT? Walk me down who AViT really is behind the music scene.

AViT: Who I am really behind all the music is just a regular person. I am no one special. The most ordinary person you can ever meet. I just so happen to be creating material that people enjoy.

Erik Young: Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

AViT: I’m from the DC Metro area (DMV) and growing up here was honestly so boring. I wasn’t really all that social growing up to begin with and the vast space that the DMV occupies made me feel even more isolated to be honest. As a result, I never really connected with much of the music or art scene here.

Erik Young: At what age did you start making music?

AViT: Around middle school. I was the vocalist of a death metal band and a couple other post-hardcore and metalcore bands during that time.

Erik Young: What really drove you to start making music?

AViT: Just my love for it. I love music as a form of expression, as a form of boundary-pushing, etc. and it’s the only thing I’m decent at that I enjoy doing.

Erik Young: One of the first songs I heard from you which got me hooked was “goodbye” what was the creative process/meaning behind that song?

AViT: I had just been broken up with and the song was just kind of written like a story and reflection of the end of that relationship. The hook and the cuts that I did came instinctively when I had heard the Maknae beat and I knew I had a good song on my hands.

Erik Young: I know I recently did some coverage on “lilith” which I am a huge fan of, is there any meaning behind that song?

AViT: At the time of writing that song, I had just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and I was mesmerized by the symbolism and the psychological elements weaved into the story, especially the angel, Lilith, who the song is named after. The song is generally just about guilt and repenting for past mistakes I’ve done.

Erik Young: Who have been some of your influences/inspirations when it comes to making music?

AViT: Number one vocal influence is Richard Rogers from the band, Secrets. From the vocal delivery to his vocal tones, he has influenced the way I sing very heavily. Other influences include bands like Pierce the Veil, Paramore, Bring Me the Horizon and recently I’ve been inspired by Instupendo’s new project, Misogi, and reserv.

Erik Young: I saw that you’ve done some collaborations with d0lly, juno, as well as some other artists. How did that come to be?

AViT: The song with d0lly came about when I posted a snippet of the song on twitter with a caption asking who wanted to hop on it, and she replied volunteering. The Juno song came about when they had asked me if they wanted to hop on their song and I obliged. Nothing special.

Erik Young: You can sing very well, did you take any music/singing classes when you were younger?

AViT: Nope. All self-taught by just singing along to my favorite songs and paying attention to their vocal deliveries. I don’t really recommend this to anyone who wants to learn as I may have developed bad habits and I still don’t know how I do what I do a lot of times LOL

Erik Young: What are some dream collaborations of yours?

AViT: To be honest, I don’t really have a dream collaboration right now. I would like to do a song with Richard Rogers since he is my number one vocal influence but other than that, I’m just focused on making solo stuff.

Erik Young: Do you have any secret/unique talents?

AViT: Nah, I’m pretty bland as it gets besides my vocals.

Erik Young: What can we expect from AViT in the near future?

AViT: Lots more experimental stuff in my songs. Maybe some visual stuff.

Erik Young: Anything you want to say to your fans as well as ours?

AViT: I appreciate each and everyone of you so much. There were times when I was younger when I wanted to give up due to a lack of progression in terms of my career, and I wouldn’t be here doing what I love without all of your support.

I truly believe that if you listen to any song by AViT, you will be hooked. Definitely some good songs to hear as a first listener would be Fiction, Goodbye, Lilith, and Relapse. Just wanna give a huge thanks to AViT for their time and making amazing music for the youth!

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