Gumee Shines on “This Ain’t Me”

Netherlands-based artist Gumee is very mysterious but I have been keeping tabs on him for the last year/year-and-a-half. I was first introduced to him by fellow friend and producer its2ezzy, when he was posting snippets of the music they have together. Gumee has been around some star-studded producers as of lately which include Starboy and Loesoe just to name a few.

He currently has two songs out which are exclusively on YouTube. His most recent release, however, is titled “This Ain’t Me.” Although I can’t translate some of the lyrics as it’s a mesh of Dutch of English, it’s a hit in my opinion. The very emotional melody mixed with hard-hitting kicks really brings out the full potential in Gumee.

The video is directed by Jesse Koch, who did an amazing job creating this cinematic masterpiece. The low-lighting really sets the mood for the song off-rip as there is also a spotlight beaming at Gumee, focusing on him. This music video really looks like it was shot on an eyeball if I’m being honest. Gumee’s potential is through the roof. Let’s hope we hear some news about an upcoming project!

Check out “This Ain’t Me,” down below!

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