SEBii Gets Agressive on “I GOT BARss”

SEBii is arguably one of the most unique artists out now. With his one-of-a-kind vocals and his selection of beats, he’s able to make any listener interested right off the bat. 

Straying away from his typical music, which can be very emotional and slow at times, he’s on the rage wave now. He just released his first single following his last project which was released back in May. The single, titled “I GOT BARss,” was released on all platforms just yesterday. 

Here’s what makes SEBii very different from other artists as the SoundCloud version has a different production compared to the version that was released on other streaming platforms. The production is backed by x8.

SEBii is such an exciting artist to watch as he’s such a hidden gem but he’s also such a likeable artist. He shows his genuine self and that’s what I admire the most about him. Most of these artists just portray themselves on social media as someone they’re not but that’s not the case with SEBii.

“I GOT BARss,” is the lead single off of his upcoming EP titled ‘VVRED’ which is a much more aggressive take on his music.

Check out “I GOT BARss” down below! 


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